Five Weight Loss Myths Debunked

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Still believe that carbohydrates make you gain weight? If so, you’re falling victim to one of the most common diet myths. Here, this article explains how any one of these myths could be undermining your attempts to drop pounds and offers tips on the right way to diet. Myth One: Diets don’t work. Fact: All diets work if you follow them correctly. Most people fail to maintain their weight loss because they return to their old eating habits and don’t adjust to consuming fewer calories. But not all diets are created equal: Fad diets that strictly limit calories or forbid certain food groups are not only hard to stick with but also unhealthy. You should choose a healthy weight loss plan that provides balanced nutrition and fits your lifestyle. Don’t follow a fad or try... Read More

Is A Vegan Diet Healthy For Teens

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A well-planned vegan diet can be a healthy dietary choice for anyone and at any stage of development.  A vegan teen is no less healthy than a meat-eating teen.  Its about making healthy food choices and teaching your teen how to make them.  Teens, who are expressing to their parents a desire to adopt a plant-based diet are for the most part quite proactive in educating themselves about veganism.  In fact, was probably during the course of learning about veganism that they independently made the decision to adopt such a lifestyle. Whether it’s out of concern for the environment, animal rights or health reasons more and more teens are announcing to their parents that they want to become vegans.  If you are the parent of one of these teens there is no need to go into a fit.  In... Read More

Weare’s Buildings, Bedminster, Bristol 1931

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Weare’s Buildings, Bedminster, Bristol 1931 Weare’s Buildings, Bedminster, Bristol 1931 Image by brizzle born and bred This photograph provides a fascinating record of a 1930s slum: many of the residents have come outside their front doors to be in the photograph taken by the City Council shortly before demolition; women and children predominate — the men being at work, or just out. With Hope Square, off Stillhouse Lane in Bedminster, which ran close to the back of the row on the left, these Georgian houses of about 1810 to 1820 formed a small self-contained world, hemmed in by adjoining factories and reached only by a narrow passage-way from York Road, off to the right. By 1930 they ranked among the worst slum properties in the city, and were condemned in 1931 in accordance with the 1930 Housing Act; the inhabitants were... Read More

Lose Tummy Fat For Ladies: Wear Those Slender Jeans In 2 Weeks

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“Oh, the weather outdoors is frightful, even so the FOOD indoors is delightful. let it grow, let it grow, let it grow”. Ok, I won’t quit my normal work and commence performing but as everyone know, the Xmas season is a dreadful time for loading on the lbs. Gentlemen, and ladies likewise instantly start looking for advice on how to lose fat. One thing we all hear all the time is “just how to reduce fat around your belly for women”. This need is legitimate whether it is November or even the middle of August. Let’s 1st just say that women, it isn’t too tricky for getting in those thin jeans rapidly although you may possess a few additional rolls of abdominal fat. Let’s quickly set a target of having you back to those scorching pants in under fourteen days. Are you currently... Read More

Using Diets For Fast Weight Loss – Can You Lose Weight Fast With Diets?

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Using Diets For Fast Weight Loss - Can You Lose Weight Fast With Diets? by Ed Yourdon Success in weight loss is not always what it seems to be. For some people, those who are able to lose 10 pounds in 9 days, are really really successful, but for other people who are able to lose 30 pounds in 3 month and able to keep the weight off permanently, are considered successful. So using diets for fast weight loss, may not be what you think it is. Using diets for fast weight loss I believe that your goal is to lose weight really fast and keep the weight off permanently. What is the point of losing a lot of weight really fast, if you are not able to maintain it, right? But the biggest problem that people have, is not that they are not able to lose weight, but that they are not able to maintain their weight. That is the biggest problem. Unfortunately diets are not... Read More

Lose Weight Fast and Easy

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There are several reasons as why some people are overweight. Few know that your metabolism rate has a major impact on your weight loss program. The fact is that people with low metabolism have a hard time in losing weight. In case you never heard of the term metabolism, it is the ability of the body to burn fat. If you have a high metabolism rate then your body has a tendency to remain slim. On the contrary, if your body has a low metabolism rate then your body has a tendency to become fat. In order to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you consume. There are numerous diet plans that can tell you how to lose weight fast. Some work better than others, some are easier to stick to than others, and some are less expensive than others. Many say that it is not possible to lose... Read More

How to Lose Weight Fast Without Pills – 3 Tips to Lose Weight Fast

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The reality is that weight loss has become a business and the goal of those who create diets, diet plans, diet programs, exercise programs, pills and supplements is mostly to make money, not make you lose weight permanently. If you lose weight successfully, then you are no longer bringing them money, so you are no good. If you want to know how to lose weight without pills, then pay close attention. How to lose weight fast without pills Maintain muscle If you want to burn fat at a very high rate, then you need as much muscle mass as possible. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body has to burn, because muscle just needs a lot of calories. People too often concentrate of weight loss only, which is a mistake, because the scale does not tell you what exactly and how much, you... Read More

The Best Exercise to Lose Weight

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The best exercise to lose weight is the exercise that you stick with. Weight loss takes time and dedication. To ensure success, create an exercise program that you enjoy. It doesn’t matter if running averages 100 calories per mile if you don’t like to run (and therefore not likely to stick it out). Instead focus on exercises that are both challenging and enjoyable. From a technical standpoint, aerobic exercises burn the most calories per workout. It is therefore important to incorporate some form of aerobic exercise into your workout plan. cardiovascular workouts – The base of your workout program should consist mainly of cardio exercises. If you are new to exercise, begin with walking. While simple, walking at a brisk pace is a good way to build up your fitness level.... Read More