Myths About Food and Diet

In modern society, people often rush to fastfood restaurants and then cope with overweight, heart disease and health-related problems. Here are top ten myths about food, health and diet which can dominate people’s eating habits.


Wine lowers blood pressure

Most people are doubtful about the fact that wine would lower blood pressure; however, it is an undeniable fact. Red wine contains of resveratrol which is proved to prevent blood clots and reduce bad cholesterol in our bodies. However, a study of the Australian Heart Foundation says that red wine is not a very good source of resveratrol antioxidants for preventing heart disease. Hence, red wine must be drunk in moderation and it is not a health supplement.

Wine lowers blood pressure


All fats are bad

It is a long-perceived that all fats are bad to your health. However, there are some good fats can promote good health which can be found in peanut oil, canola oil, avocado and olive oil


Brown sugar is better than white sugar

The brown sugar is white sugar added more molasses; hence, it contains amounts of minerals


Eating after 8pm causes weight gain

Most people believe that eating after 8 pm can store more fat. However, the most important thing does not lie in when you eat but what you eat


Eggs raise your cholesterol

Eggs are good source of protein and most concentrated amount of cholesterol. People with heart disease must eat eggs with allowance from doctor but other people can eat in moderation


Organic is better than conventional

Organic food, which grows up without pesticides, contains more nutritional than conventionally raised foods


Low-fat products are better for you

The “low fat” or “’fat free” food does not always mean calorie free but is often made with sugar, carbs or salt to ensure the flavor. When shopping, it is advisable to pay attention to the nutrition labels and compare the calories-per-serving size


Avoid nuts as they are fattening

Nuts and seeds are rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins and other plant chemicals that can keep your stomach at bay


Grapefruit and celery can burn fat

There is no food can burn fat but grapefruit and celery have low-kilojoule status when eating with peanut butter


Top 10 True Food Myths


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