York County Area Agency on Aging: Age effects eating

York County Area Agency on Aging: Age effects eating
To reduce sodium in your diet, avoid the salt shaker during cooking or at the table. Foods will naturally begin to taste salty and over time you will prefer foods with no added salt. Buy fresh, frozen or canned with "no salt added" vegetables. … Home …
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No screens before bedtime? Not in my house
In the interest of coping with some work-related stress, I recently visited an acupuncturist for the first time. Before I became a semi-clad human pincushion, forcing myself to relax on his heated table in a dimly lit room, the good doctor asked me to …
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Weekend wine Niagara, China, Wine and… beer
At the time, Derek Barnett, the Lailey winemaker – and one of Ontario's best – indicated that the new emphasis would likely be very heavy on ice-wine, and, if that were the case, he likely wouldn't continue with the relationship. The news is now out …
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