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6 Supplements You Should Consider Taking to Thrive on a Plant-Based Diet
Scientific research has shown that plant-based, whole foods, vegan diets reduce the risk of obesity, dementia, diabetes mellitus, heart disease, cancer, erectile dysfunction and arthritis among other benefits. Animals are not harmed by this eating …
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Scientists Have Misled the Public – Tim Noakes
He said a high carbohydrate diet led to diseases like diabetes. "Your cats are diabetic and obese because you are feeding them carbohydrates and they are carnivores. There is an outbreak at the moment of diabetes in cats. "Research shows these are the …

Diet choices plus genetic disposition put Hispanics at higher risk for
Hilda Rivera, certified diabetes educator for PinnacleHealth, helps Hispanics make positive dietary and lifestyle changes to improve their health. The Centers for Disease Control recently released its first national study on Hispanic health risks and …

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