3 Common Dieting Myths Busted

There are loads of myths surrounding losing weight, some are misinterpreted from research that has been done, and some are just plain made up! These myths can actually stop you losing as much weight as you could, and then when you find your diet is not working out as planned you get discouraged and give up. So let’s bust 3 of the most common dieting myths right now.

#1. All you have to do is cut out a load of calories – cutting down on calories has to be carefully monitored, I am sure you have heard of ‘starvation mode’ before, this is where the survival instincts of your body notice you are not getting enough food and think there is a food shortage going on around you. They try and help by stopping as much weight loss as possible and helping to put on as much weight as possible from what you do eat.

Kind of the opposite of what you want right?

You need to mix it up so some days you eat less calories, some days you eat a normal amount or slightly more than normal, that means your body never panics as you are not consistently eating less.

#2. Don’t snack – this one seems like it should be true, I mean it makes sense, eat just your three meals a day and cut out all the mars bars etc for your breaks and you are more likely to lose weight right? Well yes and no, you shouldn’t snack on unhealthy and fatty foods! But you should snack on healthy foods like salads and nuts etc.

Eating helps to raise your metabolism, so by eating little bits throughout the day you help your body maintain a high metabolism, plus you will avoid any blood sugar lows that make you crave sugary foods, finally you will help to fill yourself up so when you are unleashed on the canteen at lunchtime then you aren’t as hungry and aren’t tempted to overeat.

#3. If you are on a diet then don’t eat any dairy – again this sound sensible, but you remember the advice, ‘Everything in moderation’? Well that means having a balanced diet which includes dairy too. Dairy products contain nutrients that help to help keep you healthy, including B2, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D, along with a healthy dose of protein.

In fact some studies suggest that people who eat a limited amount of dairy products on a diet will lose more weight than those that don’t. Calcium was thought to be the reason for that, but before you reach for calcium supplements then now they are thinking that it is not just calcium but a combination of multiple nutrients in dairy products that cause this effect.

So include a small amount of dairy products in your diet, don’t pig out on cheese, but don’t eliminate it either, this requires self control but then everything does when you are trying to lose weight!

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