How to safely lose the baby weight— without dieting

How to safely lose the baby weight— without dieting
It's such a relief when you finally ditch the maternity pants for your favorite jeans, but how you get there is important. Drastically cutting calories, working out too hard and setting high expectations for weight loss isn't good for you or your baby …
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This Harvard-Backed 'Smart Placemat' Records the Exact Nutrition Facts for
There are hundreds of nutrition-tracking apps that serve as the beloved tools of health-conscious eaters everywhere, but there are serious problems with their accuracy and overall usefulness. There is, however, a new gadget that could take their place …
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A look at three fad diets: paleo, gluten-free and Weight Watchers
The amount of time spent in the gym depends on how committed a person is to being physically fit — but it can only influence your overall well-being with healthy eating choices. Kaitlin Simmler, who works as a Beachbody coach, goes to the gym five …
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