Lose 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks – Easy Plan With No Exercise

A lot of people would love to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks. Can it be done, and how would you go about doing it without exercise? Find out inside this article.

Losing 15 pounds in 2 weeks 

Losing that much weight in that amount of time is probably right on the edge of what is possible without exercise. However, if you follow these tips you can lose a lot of weight with no physical exhaustion or failed diets. You need to lose weight by eating healthier, planned meals that you cook on the weekends and freeze so they are easy to heat and eat. If you don’t do this you will never cook every night during the week. People just fail at this and buy a burger instead.

What to make for your weekly weight killing diet

This should not be a diet at all, you really don’t want to reduce calories or eat bland food. The key protein is chicken dressed up with a good mayonnaise sauce or some amazing sauces. Chicken salad is actually preferred by most people, and it tastes very fulfilling for former burger and pizza eaters. Make several pounds all at once out of good chicken thighs or breasts. Buy a good mayonnaise filled with healthy fats, something low in saturated fat. Buy good, tasty wheat bread. Do not buy bland weight loss bread that is made by the major brands. The best breads are frozen and in brands you have never heard of, but they are delicious. And finally, buy chocolate and eat it when you get a craving. Eating small amounts of chocolate on a daily basis is fine and it will prevent binging. If you follow a plan like this, and stay away from red meat, high fat cheese, and bad grains, you will be shocked at how much weight you start losing. 

The unfair advantage of diet pills

When people change the way they eat, they usually want to speed up weight loss with some type of pill. The traditional ingredients act like a stimulant and speed up the heart and are very, very expensive. People now are having a lot of success with what are known as fat binders. They don’t alter metabolism, they just bind to excessive fat and pass it out of your system to speed up weight loss.

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