Lose 14 Pounds in 2 Weeks

´╗┐Imagine losing 14 pounds of body fat in just two weeks! – seems impossible, right? But what you are going to read now is going to make that really possible for you. Read on to know how weight loss to the tune of 14 pounds can be achieved in as little as 2 weeks:

1. Take Help Of Weight Loss Supplements

Modern living conditions are such that warding off harmful influences and avoiding unhealthy eating becomes almost impossible. After all, one cannot stop breathing from the fear of contaminated air bringing harm and nor is it possible to quit processed foods as that would mean nearly starving yourself in the absence of alternatives. The way out then lies with consuming natural weight loss supplements. These would make up for the bodily deficits and restore digestion and metabolism to induce weight loss in a healthy way. Choosing something as effective as acai berry could especially boost your chances of getting super quick fat loss results. I lost 32 pounds of body fat using the acai berry supplement.

2. Kick Bad Habits

To enjoy quick weight loss results, some policy changes in the way you live would need to be made. For instance, you would be required to kick unhealthy eating habits, quit smoking and alcohol and avoid stress and sedentary lifestyles. These factors lead to piling up of needless calories within your body and hinder with the body’s ability to burn fat. Once you win over these, weight loss would come really easy and fast.

3. Get Your Colon Cleansed

Ensuring clean colonic health is the best way to lose as much as 10-15 pounds off your weight almost instantaneously. An infected colon causes piling up of parasites, wastes, flab deposits and fats in the intestinal cavity and these wastes add a lot of bulk to the body. Flushing the colon clean through hydrotherapy or colon cleanse supplements regularly can therefore help you keep these extra pounds at bay and remain slim. Also, since the process involves removal of wastes piled up within, it washes off loads of weight in no time from your system, leaving you lighter by pounds, in a matter of just two weeks.

4. Increase Your Fiber Intake

Increasing the amount of daily fiber intake is an excellent way to lose weight at warp speed. Fiber rich foods make you feel fuller despite not eating much and thereby perfectly compliment your weight loss goals. The best ways to stuff in your system with fibers is to consume whole grains, lots of fresh fruits and preferably raw vegetable salads.

In addition to the above mentioned ways, you could try out meditation and exercise sufficiently to enjoy permanent fat loss results. If you follow these simple tips, losing 14 pounds in less than 2 weeks is going to be an easy task.

Losing weight is not about depriving yourself from food or going on hunger strike, it’s about beautifying your body and improving your health, and this can’t be achieved with just appetite control supplements.

Losing weight is about balancing your eating act. We all know and agree that we are fat because of our indulgence in food, restaurants are everywhere and we are week to resist the temptation to eat. Once I wanted to have a cup of coffee but I ended up ordering a cheese cake too.

When you put yourself on weight loss program you must make sure you don’t end up with lose and saggy skin or weak health. Many take the easy road to lose weight by depending only on appetite control supplements and forget to realize that you need food to stay healthy and carry on your daily activities.

Best weight loss supplement will not help you lose weight if you are not able to change your eating habits; here are some tips for proper eating habit:

Learn to control your hunger. Do not eat immediately after you start feeling hungry; teach your body to wait. In long run this habit will help you maintain weight and healthy life style. If you find it difficult to control your hunger try to take water or soy milk instead of eating immediately or you can snack on vegetable sticks and nuts if liquids are not enough.
Weight loss is about when to eat and when to stop, and if you can manage that you will find it how easy it’s to lose or maintain weight. As for when to stop eating my tip is stop when you don’t feel hungry anymore and not when you are full. If buy eating one burger your hunger will go away then it’s wrong to take another burger because you have space. Remember if you teach your body to eat more you will end up eating more. The sign of over eating is that you feel sleepy and tired after your meal and not energized.
Avoid large meals, generous serving, supper size and big meals. And reject any unnecessary up sizing offer you get when you are ordering your meal, its noted that you will ended eating more if you have more food on your plate. We all know how much food we need to eat but we end up ordering more and throwing it out.
Try limiting yourself to two type of food on your plate and one has to be green salad.
Learn to take breakfast. Almost 80 percent of people who lose weight eat breakfast daily, according to studies, the reason is because with breakfast you can stay full for at least six hours, and you can continue your activities with light meal.
Snack on vegetable sticks and nuts instead of processed food and sweet.
Eat less as you age and try to walk after dinner.
Limit your visit to fast food restaurants to once a week, and learn to prepare simple meal for yourself at home, you can start with sandwiches it’s easy and fast to prepare.
Learn about what you eat. It’s important to educate yourself about your own food.

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