Flexible dieting trend leaves room for doughnuts

Flexible dieting trend leaves room for doughnuts
It seems that everywhere you look, a new diet trend is promising to be the fastest and easiest way to lose weight. Avoid carbs after dark. Fats make you fat. Eat six small meals a day. Do fasted cardio. Wear this wrap. Drink this tea. "Eighty percent …
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Study: Diet soda drinkers may tend to eat unhealthily
“If people simply substitute diet beverages for sugar-sweetened beverages, it may not have the intended effect because they may just eat those calories rather than drink them,” Ruopeng An, a University of Illinois community health professor, said in a …
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The Paleo diet: Does it work? Everything YOU need to know
The science behind the diet is a theory that humans have not been able to evolve fast enough to cope with the rich ingredients in modern supermarket foods. In order to achieve a healthier lifestyle and avoid weight gain or lose weight, followers of the …
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