Precise Tips For Anyone To Lose Weight in 2 Weeks

There is only one true way to begin on a weight loss journey and that is with confidence and determination. The first step in any journey is to get your mindset right. Once you have the right mindset you can achieve anything, including dropping a few extra pounds. There are several different ways to lose weight fast and all of them are going to involve some kind of work. There is no over-the-counter magic pill that is going to lose wither weight for you. However there are some tricks that I have used in the past to drop a few extra pounds quickly.

One method I have used in the past to lose weight in 2 weeks is to increase my cardio activity. I don’t mean add an extra 5 or even 10 minutes to your workout, I mean adding 20 to 30 minutes of hot sweaty, t-shirt soaked cardio to the end of my workouts. Why the end of my workouts? Because the glycogen that I’ve used during my resistance training has already been depleted. This leaves me with nothing more to burn but stubborn fat that has been hanging on to my belly for the last few months. The stuff that was left over from last Thanksgiving. You know what I’m talking about. Adding an additional 20 to 30 minutes of the stairstepper to your routine will help melt the fat away. I usually do this late at night, so I’m really burning high storages of fat and not muscle. 

In addition to increasing your cardio, don’t eat carbohydrates after 6 PM. Carbohydrates in my opinion should only be used for energy. Think, first thing in the morning and before a workout. These are the times when your body needs energy the most, not when you are sitting on the couch late at night about to lay down for bed for 6 to 8 hours. Once you complete tasks that require energy such as your daily work schedule and a workout, there is no more need for energy sources like pasta, breads and other carbohydrates in your body. These energy sources will just remain in your system for use at another time. This means fat will cling to your waistline and not even try to let go until the next day. 

To really flush out your fat cells and help your body remove additional fat pockets found around your belly and thighs, you have to increase your water intake. Your cells are water friendly and do much better with an abundant supply of water. Drinking at least 8 to 10 cups of water in the day will help hydrate those cells allowing them to release free radicals and fat. With proper hydration you should be going to the bathroom every hour or two.

The last thing that you can do if you are really in a crunch and trying to lose weight fast is to add an additional set in to your workout. This additional set is called a “burn set”. When you are conducting your last set of your workout add 3 to 5 additional reps at the end at a 50 – 60% slower pace than normal. You may need to rest before conducting these last reps, but when you do you will feel an intense burn in your muscles. This burn is attacking your fat cells like a soldier. Finish your 3 to 5 slow “burn” reps and head over to the stairstepper. 

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