Tips on How to Get in Shape in 2 Weeks From Now?

There are so many ways to stay in shape; motivation and a healthy diet however are the two key factors involved in staying in tip-top shape.

Choose an activity that interests you such as dancing or yoga rather than a trip to a gym and, what seems like, an endless run on the treadmill.  The above two activities will not only motivate you they will also allow you to exercise in a fun environment.
In order to exercise you will need to have energy. Energy generally comes from the food we eat.  Eating healthily is the key to both a healthy body and a healthy mind.  Snacking on treats high in sugar and meals coated in oils is not the way to promote energy; such foods will leave you feeling sluggish and will often mean putting on the pounds as opposed to losing them.

There is however a healthy medium and you can allow yourself a treat now and again, just don’t indulge in your deep fried take-out every other day! With regular trips to the gym or an exercise class and a balanced diet you will soon be able to see a noticeable difference in your appearance, you will also feel a lot more energetic.
All meals should be carefully portioned out. Daily consumption should consist of:

Fruit and vegetables – Bananas, apples, grapes, carrots, sweet corn etc..,
Milk and dairy products – Cheese and yogurt
Sources of protein – meat, eggs, fish and beans
Starchy foods – Bread, rice, pasta and potatoes

Snacks are also important for your daily consumption this does not necessary mean crisps, cakes or chocolate.  Having nutritional snacks such as; dried fruit, fruit shakes and smoothies are also great for your body to function properly. Also, having snacks that consist of fibre and wholegrain are great for keeping you fuller for longer, try snacking on dried or roasted unsalted nuts and energy bars. Stock up on bigger packets and divide them into smaller containers, this is an easy way to indulge in your healthy snacks on the move!

We all know that there is no miracle cure or pill for weight loss. There is however African herbs that you can take on a daily basis to aid weight loss. Acai or Hoodia are a few examples of these herbs. What these herbs do is increase your metabolism and energy levels. Therefore, your self-motivation will rise and you will fell a lot better for it when you see the results in your fitness levels.
Another thing, herbs will not work unless you follow a daily routine of exercise and a well-balanced diet. Acai and Hoodia are high in antioxidant levels and will supress your appetite making you feel fuller for longer so no need to snack as often.
Just remember that a healthy food consumption and exercise can lead to a happier and healthier immune system.

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