How to Lose 10 Kilos in 5 Weeks

If you’d like to lose 10 kilos in 5 weeks without starving or spending an hour or more in the gym everyday, I have a few suggestions I think you’ll like.  These tips are easy, simple and don’t require any big changes to your diet.

So, if you’re looking for a road map that will lead you to permanent weight loss, all you have to do is finish reading this short article.

How To Lose 10 Kilos in 5 Weeks

Change your snacks

Before we take on something big like changing your meals, it makes more sense to start with small changes in your snacks.  Everybody has something they just love to eat that they can’t imagine giving up – especially with meals.  So, we’ll let your meals stay as they are.

So, all I want you to do is snack on apples between meals.

That’s it.

Just eat an apple 5 minutes before every meal.  You can do that, right?  Each apple contains 5 grams of fiber and is packed with water.  And those two things make you feel full.  So, if you eat an apple before your meals, you won’t be as hungry when you sit down to eat.  And that means you won’t eat as much.

You’ll still get to eat what you enjoy but you’ll get filled up on less of those foods. 

How does that sound?

Just a little change like that can go a long way towards losing weight.  Small changes add up to one big change.

Eat snacks with fiber and/or protein between meals

Great example snacks are beef jerky, apples, string cheese, and low calorie yogurts.  Make sure whatever you snack on is either high in fiber or protein.

These snacks will not only suppress your appetite between meals, but you’ll also be eating something nutritious. 

If you can make these kinds of small changes in your diet, you can easily lose 10 kilos in 5 weeks. 

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