Crash Diet Plans Losing Weight

Vanity is beauty. This is the main motivating force why a lot of people engage in diet plans losing weight. Most women are too vain that they think if only they can lose weight and be slim looking, they will be beautiful and happy. This is the wrong motivating force that could only lead to disaster.

Those who are under the impressions that if they are thin, they are beautiful are totally misguided. There is a huge possibility in this kind of thinking that instead of achieving one’s ideal weight through healthy diet and exercise, these women would go for the faster ways of losing weight.

This is suicide. Crash diet is one of the immediate resorts of women who cannot wait to be slim so that they can feel that they are beautiful and have confidence in themselves. Crash diet is done by women who area not patient. But these women are bound to be disappointed.

What is a crash diet? A crash diet is a way for some people to lose weight fast by not eating at all. From a normal three meals a day, or from being a glutton, they abruptly change their eating habit to nothing. It is also called the starvation diet. Some women lose weight, some don’t get significant results, but all are potentially going to be sick.

Crash diet plans losing weight is bad. The body needs to nutrients. When a person rids of carbohydrates in her diet, the result would be that the body wills its energy from the stored fat of the body. This is good. This actually means that a person will lose weight. But when one does crash diet, she is also depriving her body all the nutrients it needs. Doing this for days or weeks will result to deficiency in Vitamin A, D, E, B, in iodine, in calcium and in all the vitamins and mineral that a person needs to get be healthy.

No person can deprive her body of its basic needs can continue living without consequences. Cutting down of food shall also be done gradually. It is wrong for a person to eat so much today and not eat at all the next day. A body’s metabolism responds to how a person treats it. If one eats a lot, his metabolism also tries to keep up with that. Thus, when a person suddenly decides not to eat for the sake of his crash diet plans losing weight the body will not be able to adjust immediately. Stomach pain and complications may occur.

There are several ways on how to lose weight in a healthy manner. A person can cut down on the bad stuff and concentrate on the good. Instead of eat brown rice, pasta or white bread, she can eat brown rice and wheat bread. Instead of drinking juice and soda, she can just drink water. Instead of frying food, she can opt to boil or steam them. Any kind of diet must be done healthily in order to lose weight happily.


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