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Frankencow’s self-image 65/365 7/5/08
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Image by mollyjolly
Okay, since Frankie’s trip through the rejuvenator, she’s seemed pretty well adjusted to her new image.

"I just don’t think about how different I look," she told me yesterday. "It’s not as if I spend hours fixing my hair in front of a mirror or anything."

I had to give her credit for taking that point of view. Until today. I accidentally left one of her pictures up on my screen, and I don’t think she liked what she saw.

"These new colors make me look fat," Frankie said, with an angry scowl on her face. "I’m going to look for a good diet plan."

I think she may get more than she bargained for if she tries to read this book . . .

Akido bridges communication gap between patients and hospitals
… to help doctors formulate the best diagnosis and treatment plan for someone with those characteristics. Akido could also be used to devise apps that set up personalized diet and exercise plans based on a patient's medical history and Fitbit data feed.
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All Hail Max Clendinning, the "Miximalist" of British Interior Design
max_clendinning_ralph_adron_interior_drawings.jpg Plans for a dream house, assigned by The Telegraph in 1968, designed by Max Clendinning and drawn by Ralph Adron. From left to right: … lineaments of Eames and Jacobsen. However different they are …
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Breast Cancer Treatment Plan Should Include Weight Management
Sparano advises that physicians take steps now to help patients with their weight, such as recommending dietary and lifestyle interventions, even though such guidance is “not normally within the scope of activities of medical oncologists.” At the same …

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