How to Lose Your Fat Belly in 2 Weeks Without Starving

 Are you tired of looking at that extra flab around your waist but dread the thought of starting another Dead end miserable diet? This article will show you how to lose your fat belly in 2 weeks or at the very least get you on the road to shrinking it substantially.

 Dreading the whole process of “dieting” is unavoidable.

 Dieting means pain, sacrifice, exaustion , fighting off cravings etc…

 It’s no wonder 95% of diets don’t work, will power is simply a short lived strategy for the physiological reality that comes with “diets”

 The good news is you can watch this video, burn fat and melt fat without working out and only by simply readjusting your concept on food. If you are willing to learn and understand WHY and HOW you burn fat, you will eliminate a lot of heartache and disappointment that you may have had with past attempts at fat loss.

 By following a solid fat burning plan you will lose fat without feeling miserable. No hunger pangs or mind fog that comes with starvation diets.

 That being said…

 To lose your fat belly you need to control blood sugar… not count calories. Blood sugar is the key factor controlling appetite and energy. When blood sugar is stable you are not preoccupied with thinking about food, plus your body is likely to use fat cells as energy not glucose. So you eat less and burn fat.

 How do we control blood sugar?

 You need to seriously wean off of sugar and simple carbs. Eliminating these useless foods will stop the massive blood sugar swings that create unbearable cravings and cause binge eating.

 Try this …For 2 weeks; eat no sugar or simple carbs. Bread, crackers, pasta, cookies, pastry, cereal, etc…Also as well as sugar eliminate any HIDDEN sugar that will spike blood sugar. The rule of thumb is don’t eat anything that ends wit ‘ose’ or ‘ol’, Avoid like the plague, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose,  maltose, sorbitiol, xytilol..these will spike blood glucose levels just like sugar.

 You will be reading labels! You are taking this serious right?

You see education is what has been the downfall of most dieters, as you (and me) thought we could “will power” our way to fat loss by starving and restricting calories. It just does not work, the cravings are too much and we give in.

 Our blood sugar tip is valuable knowledge; actually it’s the backbone of keeping fat off your belly for LIFE. Why not take it to the next level? You will need to know WHAT to eat as it can be confusing and frustrating. We are creatures of habit many times eating the most covenant thing we can, not realizing how it affects our blood sugar Why not get more information. To lose your fat belly…here’s a great fat burn video.

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