The Wrong Diet Plans To Lose Weight Will Sabotage Your Metabolism

The first rule of dieting is to cut calories and the second is to stop eating anything you enjoy, because if you like it, it cant be good for you–or so we are supposed to believe! Along with damaging your ability to enjoy healthy foods, this just makes it harder to drop pounds, and is not an actual feature of good diet plans to lose weight.

You may be following all the steps, but if youre using one of those diet plans to lose weight that focus mainly on cutting your calories, you impede your metabolisms ability to burn calories along with a host of other things that make you think youre the problem.

Bad Diets Are Hard To Follow Because They Dont Work

A lot of the weight loss guides suggest having a diet buddy, that is someone who motivates you through both support and competition although none of the guides mention that one of the things thats supposed to help you lose weight is the desire to get skinnier than your buddy.

This is an interesting idea in light of the fact that one of the most emotionally devastating things you can do while on a diet is tell people youre trying to lose weight, which, if youve just started, or worse, are struggling will only lead you to feel like a failure for not having numbers to report.

If youre already weak from hunger, theres nothing thats more likely to make you wash down a double cheeseburger with a pint of ice cream than the thought that, if only you had more willpower or were a better person, you could lose that weight. The truth is you probably arent the problem.

Calorie restriction lowers your willpower, your metabolism and your bodys ability to burn fat. Thats far from the recipe for successful weight loss.

Your Metabolism Needs Calories

This is not to say that the true secret to a diet plan to lose weight is to gorge yourself on anything you want. But, believe it or not, the secret to a successful weight loss/fat-burning regimen is eating. As long as youre eating the right things.

Part of the reason calorie restriction fails is because while it cuts out bad things like sugar, salt and bad fat, it also winds up removing things like protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and good fats too. The fact that many diet foods replace fat with sugar doesnt help any.

The fact of the matter is that anytime you cut calories, whether youve been overeating or just eating the wrong things, your body fears it is about to face starvation and starts hoarding calories especially those that create fat to protect against the same.

So, if you have to reduce calories, what you need to eat are healthy foods that your body will process in a way that doesnt create stored fat. That is, you need foods that work with your metabolism to keep it working at the maximum level.

Healthy Foods Burn Fat

Lean protein, like that from grass-fed beef, a handful of nuts or beans not only provides you with necessary energy. It helps to build muscle and muscle burns more calories than fat, which keeps your metabolism up where it needs to be. Its the same with other healthy foods.

Any diet that restricts fruits and vegetables is doing your body a disservice. The various vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and yes even calcium and vegetable protein in these foods are all things our bodies desperately need for energy, good brain functioning and just generally staying alive and healthy.

Eating these foods in portions and proportions that keep your metabolism at its best will not only help you burn fat, but keep you feeling good mentally and physically. And that is the easiest way to avoid drowning your sorrows and diet plan to lose weight in ice cream or Halloween candy.

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