Diet Plans To Lose Weight Can Help Your Fertility

We are bombarded by messages about food and diet and everything else almost everywhere we turn. However, it isn’t always as simple as losing a few pounds, a lot has to do with the reasons why we need to reduce pounds and fat. For example, diet plans to lose weight can be a crucial part of successfully getting pregnant.

Pregnancy Starts With The Mother’s HEalth

Hopefully by now, every woman who is attempting to get pregnant knows that losing ten percent or more of her body weight–depending on how far she is above a healthy weight to begin with–can improve her chances of both getting pregnant and successfully carrying a healthy child to term. The same goes for keeping the number of pounds gained over that time within a healthy range.

Of course, none of this–except the part about not putting on a ton of weight during the pertinent nine or ten months–applies to women who are already at a good weight. In fact being too thin is just as detrimental to conception as carrying too much extra poundage. Getting pregnant and carrying it successfully through to the end is very dependent upon the health of the mother.

The More Food In The Food, The Better For Everyone

This is largely common knowledge, however, while the weight of the mother is vital, how she achieves a given weight is important as well. Food can impact everything from a woman’s fertility to her blood sugar and hormonal functioning, all of which are relevant during both conception and the overall term.

A diet plan to lose weight that incorporates healthy, single ingredient, organic foods is one of the best possible eating plans to achieve both these goals. Specific, healthy organics like yams can improve a woman’s fertility. But foods that limit the number of chemicals and other preservatives that are deposited into the mother’s system and therefore the child’s will be better for both.

The same applies to foods that keep the eater full and with a solid level of energy. Strange diet foods that are mostly salt and sugar do not meet this rubric.

Meals and ingredients full of healthy nutrients and geared toward working with maximum efficiency in the eater’s body, will make for maximum fat-burning and physical health all at the same time.

Another Area Where Diet Matters

What is not as well known is how much depends on the diet of the father as well. Foods can not only impact a mother’s health and fertility, but that of the other parent’s.

Anyone undergoing any kind of fertility treatment will have heard all the advice about weight, lopse clothing and keeping body temperature optimal. But often times, other diet and health issues may not have been as well disseminated.

The problem is that sometimes, efforts to get healthy can actually backfire on both parties. For example, “low fat” foods may well have healthy fats removed and sugar added, simply to lower calorie content. This will actually reduce most of the healthy benefits that the food might have once had.

This is not the worst of it, however. Many foods that are universally considered healthy can negatively impact fertility as well. Just as soy is known to negatively affect thyroid function in both genders, it can also significantly lower a man’s sperm count, especially if consumed over long periods.

Thus the best diet plan to lose weight and improve all aspects of getting and staying pregnant will not include a lot of engineered foods with chemically complex names. Instead, the best diet plans to lose weight include healthy, organic, single ingredient foods. Ideally it will include them in proportions and portions that work with metabolism to provide the best overall effect.

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