Melt Pounds in 2 Weeks – Diet & Exercise to Knock Off 5-7 Pounds of Stomach Fat in 2-3 Weeks

In order to melt pounds in 2 weeks we can combine exercises and a good nutrition plan. Lifestyle plays a major role in shaping our body. Most people gain weight due to excess intake of junk food, stress and depression. Obesity can be a genetic problem too. In order to eliminate those extra fats, we should try to engender activities in our life. We shouldn’t sit for long hours in front of T.V screen or computer.

Diets and Exercise for Weight Loss

* In order to knock-off 5-7 pounds of stomach fat, you should undergo colon cleansing. A healthy colon is the key for leading a disease free and healthy life. Colon cleansing is extremely beneficial for discarding toxins from our body. It also cleans up our digestive tract, which consequently stimulate digestion. You should take lots of fruits and vegetables for loosing those stubborn belly fats. You can also undergo juice fasting for rejuvenation. Colon cleansing can be also performed through Enema. Water is mainly used here for promoting your health.

* Cardio workouts such as running, brisk walking and swimming are some of the best exercises for loosing weight. You can easily eliminate up to 10-15 pounds in 2-3 weeks. Drinking water is extremely important during the entire workout plan. You should drink at least 10-12 glasses of water daily.

* Acai Berry Diet is the most touted weight loss diet. Even Oprah Winfrey tried this diet plan. She lost a decent amount of weight by following this nature based diet plan. Acai berries can engender metabolism in your body for encouraging fat burning.

* In order to melt pounds in 2 weeks, you should indulge more on green leafy vegetables and fruits. They have high fibers, which helps in cleaning your colon. You should include lots of salads in your diet for shaping your body.

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