Sally Ann Voak Promises Effective Choco Diet – Lose Up to 7 Pounds in Two Weeks

On the front cover of The Chocolate Diet, you will find the promise that you can eat chocolate and still be able to lose seven pounds in a span of two weeks. In Sally Ann Voak’s book, you will find quizzes that will determine if you are a chocoholic and which of the six diets you ought to follow. Each of the weight loss plans will include selections that fit within the calorie count for meals; strategies for the dieter to follow; and suggestions for exercises and other activities. The book also includes recipes and a calorie guide for chocolate goodies that fit within the diet plan. American and British brands of chocolate are listed.

Each of the programs will start from withdrawing from eating chocolate for one week. Within this period of time, Voak says that the dieter will begin to control his cravings for chocolate. All of the weight loss plans will include unlimited consumption of vegetables from a list of 28 low-calorie selections. The selection will include asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms, red and green peppers, tomatoes, spinach, and watercress. The six diets consist items from all of the food groups. The diets are specially designed for women since men are known to consume 300 more calories in a day.

Voak’s diet plans are designed for:

• Secret Bingers – These are the people who hide the fact that they eat chocolates and do not want people to discover that they do.
• Romantics – This is for the people who are usually single and tend to substitute chocolate for love.
• Comfort eaters – These are the people who tend to eat chocolate when they are tired and/or facing a crisis.
• Weekend indulgers – People who celebrate with chocolates.
• Sugar addicts – These are people who often get most of their calories from carbohydrates and use chocolate as a fix when they are tired.
• Premenstrual cravers – These are people who overindulge in chocolates during some days of the month.

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