How To Get 2 Weeks Free On Medifast

I get a lot of emails asking about the specifics of the medifast diet.  People want to know about the food, about the lifestyle, and about the costs.  Specifically, I get a lot of questions about the 2 weeks free offer, the $ 55 off offer, and the explanation of the difference between the two.  I’ll try to explain this more in the following article.

The Ever Changing Medifast Discounts And Specials: Before I get down to the two most common discounts, I’d like to tell you that there is almost always some type of savings.  This usually changes monthly.  Not all specials are always available at all times, but there is usually some sort of savings or freebie somewhere.  You should never place an order without obtaining one. There are usually two types of incentives – those that require you to sign up for auto ship and those that don’t.  There are almost always both types available every month.

How Do I Know Which Medifast Special Saves The Most Money? Should I Go With 2 Weeks Free Or $ 55 Off: Before I answer this question, I should tell you that before you begin evaluating the specials, you should also evaluate how long you’re going to be on the diet.  If the answer is more than a few months, auto ship will usually pay for itself and then some.  With this program, you always get free shipping, at least 10 % off and every order, and you’re usually offered the best coupons (as much as 3 weeks free, which you can use in combination with the 10% off.)

However, if you only need to lose 10 or so pounds and will be on the diet for only a month or so, then auto ship would not make sense.  Still, you will still be able to take advantage of the monthly specials.  Depending on the month, you can still get some weeks of free food or a certain amount of money off of your order.  But, how do you know what is the best deal? 

Well, we can generally say that the average cost of a medifast meal is somewhere around $ 2.00 – $ 2.30 each.  So, if you’re being offered two weeks of this at no cost, then you’re saving at least $ 75 -$ 150, depending how many meals are being offered.  This is almost always worth more (at least monetarily) than the money off (which usually averages around $ 55.)  Still, many people would rather take the money amount right off the grand total, as this is more tangible and they aren’t sure how long they’ll be on the diet. There’s really no correct or incorrect answer.  It’s all about what is best for you.

Remembering To Enter All Of The Information: To make sure that you get your discount, you must not forget to enter in the code.  On the last page prior to sending your order, you’ll see a little box where it asks you to enter in the string of letters or words.  This is where you’ll cut and paste the code that you have. (You can get the latest medifast codes here.)  Make sure that this is verified at your check out sheet.  If not, just hit back instead of completing the order and try again.  If something is going wrong, make sure you have the correct string of words or letters or made sure that yours hasn’t expired. 

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