How To Lose 10 Pounds In The Five Weeks Before Christmas

Although Christmas is a fun and happy time for most, the problem that many have is that as soon as the festivities begin around the UK in late November, with the Christmas adverts starting to be played on the TV and the Christmas lights being switched on in most towns and cities, it can make people think that they can’t lose any weight before the big day.

With cold days, dark nights, generally miserable weather and an instinct to eat enough food to see us through the winter, it’s understandable that most don’t believe that they can lose weight in time for Christmas.

However, if you’re strong willed and determined, even with just five weeks to go you can lose close to a stone – and it’s not as difficult as you might think.

The very first thing that you have to realise is that 10 pounds in five weeks is just two pounds a week and unless you’re in a particularly healthy weight range and don’t have 10 pounds to lose, two pounds a week is an achievable goal for most.

And this leads us onto our next point – whether you actually need to lose 10 pounds.

Many people get frustrated when they feel like they’ve been doing fantastically well losing weight and then all of a sudden their body hits a plateau and they can’t lose any more.

For some, this is just an unfortunate part of the weight loss process and they’ll eventually get past the plateau in a few weeks.

For others, however, it’s their body telling them that they’ve lost enough weight to be at the optimum level and therefore it’s recommended that before you dive into losing 10 pounds in five weeks you look at your weight and height and use one of the many free resources available online to see if you’re in a healthy weight range or not, as if you are, it could be particularly difficult – and unnecessary – to lose 10 pounds.

Assuming that you do need to lose the weight, however, the first thing that you need to do is take a look at your diet and remove anything from it that’s obviously unhealthily, from packets of crisps that you have with your lunch to the oil that you cook your chips in at home and any form of alcohol – they have to all be removed for the coming weeks.

You then need to look at your carbohydrate intake and depending on how high it is, either cut back on it significantly or switch to a wholegrain version (for example, someone who has toast for breakfast, pasta for lunch and rice or potatoes for dinner every day needs to cut back a lot, perhaps limiting their carbs to just one meal. For someone who just had the toast, however, they could benefit from simply swapping to a wholegrain variety).

And now it’s the part that most people like least – exercise.

When you’re looking to lose weight quickly but healthily, the important thing to remember is that you have to limit how much muscle development you do and focus almost solely on your cardiovascular exercises.

This means that whether you’re attending a gym in Birmingham or working out at home, stop the press ups or sit ups and instead focus on walking, running or swimming, as these are all great cardio exercises that will help burn the fat off every part of your body.

Losing two pounds a week for the coming five weeks is something that a lot of people can do and all it takes is for them to be dedicated to losing it and prepared to make sacrifices – everything else will happen naturally in the next five weeks.

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