A Messy Milkshake Recipe

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A Messy Milkshake Recipe
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Image by echo0101
This is my entry for the "food" assignment on DIYP. It illustrates the mess I’d make trying to make a milkshake :).

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Strobist Info:
Multiple exposures 580ex ii between 1/8th and 1/16th into silver umbrella pw trigger
and 258hv @ 1/16th power into litedome xs pc trigger

DIYP info:
Used high-speed photography. Shot falling fruit on black and composited using blend-if layers and masking. Each falling fruit was shot using generally short flash duration to freeze motion; however, I varied the power of the 580ex to create slight blur in some of the objects. The 580ex with silver umbrella was above the fruit to the left and softbox below to the right creating a contrasty light. In post, once all the pieces were put together, a high-pass was used with hard light to enhance details.

Addt’l diy gear used: homemade shutter release to trigger the camera connected to the 40d with this adaptor.


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68 Responses to "A Messy Milkshake Recipe"

  1. echo0101 says:

    I suck at drawing, its why I do photography… but here was my sketch of what I was planning on shooting.

    The Plan

  2. Luca Pierro says:


  3. Pablo Tovar 23 says:

    This photo is really stunning.

  4. echo0101 says:


  5. Mycatkins says:

    pretty insane dude 😉

  6. Mohammad Quwaie says:

    Woow, love it !

  7. jacqtai (super lazy) says:

    Awesome!!! You have great preparation! Now I know there’s really no free lunch!

  8. EmKayLee says:

    Wow. I am always amazed at your work and talent. I love this!

  9. Florjan63 says:


  10. Linhy says:

    so cool! 😀 i want one

  11. Amanda MarG says:

    freakin amazing… who’s hand is that?

  12. mOniCa _ says:


  13. echo0101 says:

    Thanks everyone!

    That is my hand.

  14. Anna Toy says:

    omg, this is the coolest thing ive seen all day!

  15. etaaquarii says:

    Wow! Terrific!

  16. ren_7 says:

    Wow!! I really like this!!

  17. dinktales says:

    Amazingly playful yet yummy. Awesome!!

  18. Jessica Kirste says:

    Congrats on EXPLORE!

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  19. dlnwelch says:

    Very cool!

  20. Graciela/Luis ! says:

    AWESOME !!!! Thanks

  21. Graciela/Luis ! says:

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  22. Lemuel Montejo says:

    very interesting shot!
    congrats on explore!

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  23. echo0101 says:

    Thanks for all the comments and faves!

  24. soft_eye says:

    congrats its on explore.

  25. gracious.tony.NZ says:

    Really love this great shot
    so beautiful

  26. ken_pogs says:

    this ones cool and throat drying delicious.. c;

    c; great shot, good as ad! c;

  27. .Ottilie. says:

    Aaah that’s brilliant! I love it! 🙂 🙂
    Seen in Explore.

  28. anna.russelli says:

    aha… crazy shot!

  29. Pathway To The Unknown says:

    VERY…very…cool 🙂

  30. 'SandFlash says:

    brilliant execution, thanks for illustration

  31. Katie-Rose says:

    Brilliant shot!

  32. Sleepy Sheepy *_* says:

    shake shake shake shake itt 😀 amazing !

  33. Я & M says:

    <33 it ..,,

    So lovely ..,,

    Fav + Gallery ..,,

    ~ M ~

  34. ValerieMorrisonPhotography.com says:


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  35. kevertonphoto says:

    A really good shot- very well done. Interested in all the work that went into it.

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  36. Leukocheat says:

    yum-yum ^_^

  37. icha kusuma says:


  38. parkcharles says:

    Ha fantastic idea and execution!

  39. Miss Gayatri says:

    You’ve put an amazing amount of work into this shot!
    (as we can see from your superb drawing…^^)
    I really like the splashes of water (?) around the fruit.
    Now where are my strawberries…?!

  40. Rebecca812 says:


  41. vdejan says:

    this is awesome shoot

  42. Cherrysweetdeal says:

    Love this. Chaotic yet tasty….yummy

  43. stefano ciccocioppo says:

    great realization O_o

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  44. Proleshi says:

    Very creative work. Love the look of that milkshake!

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  45. *JuanaP_351 says:

    Que salpicón de fotografía… XD Increiblemente original….

  46. Magic@Photos says:

    wonderful originality – congrats on Explore

  47. nicole▲wu says:

    Yummy! What a fantastic idea.

  48. Abdullah_alowd_Photography says:

    Amazing Idea & well done !!

    FAV 🙂

  49. Belle.photography says:

    this is perfect!

  50. PauloGGarcia says:

    Absolutely amazing work! Really creative idea and well composed! 😀

  51. LaVladina says:

    this is fantastic!
    hope you don’t mind if I blog it here:


  52. NRVI says:

    beautiful shot ! great light and colors and congratulation for explorer

  53. Jo\ʌи says:

    holy ^%@!~ NICE!!!

  54. btn1131 www.needGod.com says:

    Wonderful work. Nicely done. Congrats on Explore.

  55. TheTwinBros says:

    wooo what a mess 😛

  56. Maphi74 - Read Profile - new rules says:

    Thats a great Shot , wonderful Work
    thats really art

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  57. Simona Boglea Photography says:

    great idea…love it 🙂

  58. puszka says:

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  59. xtine0413 says:

    Wow nice! Great prep and well executed!

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  61. R.Bongiovani ( @rbinspiration ) says:

    Wow! great!

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  63. timothy.gregory says:

    Absolutely magical 🙂 Well done!

  64. De Gira Por El Mundo says:

    yummy in my tummy!!!

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  65. carmeyeii says:

    this is awesomeee!!!! :O

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  66. Megan from Linn Acres Farm says:

    Love this! Congrats on explore 🙂

  67. Jack_from_Paris says:

    Impressionnant !!!

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