Myths on Raw Dog Food Busted

Much disagreement has come about when it comes to raw dog food. Many dog owners and veterinarians encourage this type of diet while many also run form it like the plague. There are a number of reasons why both professionals and owners don’t agree to this, but not all of these are true. Here are some of the most popular myths on raw dog food- busted!

Myth # 1 – Feeding your dog raw food will cause it to get sick

Busted! True that raw meats may carry within it bacteria and parasites, however the systems of dogs are completely capable of handling these. Dogs are not easily affected by such and their bodies are made to stand up against such things. Salmonella, e-Coli and worms are things that many worry about, but if you make sure to prepare and handle the meat properly, you can easily avoid contaminating it.

Myth # 2 – Raw bones will hurt your dog

Busted! One of the biggest fears of feeding your dog a raw food diet is that it will be exposed to bones which it can choke on. The truth is that dogs can eat bones safely when they are raw. You can feed your dog chicken necks and backs without having to worry about it choking. What actually serves as a hazard to dogs is serving them with cooked bones. Cooking can make bones brittle and prone to breakage and splintering. These are what can harm your dog.

Myth # 3 – Dog’s can’t tolerate raw food

Busted! If you’ve ever sat down to think about the evolution of dogs you’ll realize that they started out in the wild. Meaning to say that dogs started out eating raw meat and vegetables since that is what they had in the wild. In fact dogs of the wild would often start off by eating the internal organs from the carcasses which they found or hunted down. Dogs are built to eat raw food, and live longer and better on this type of diet.

Myth # 4 – Raw dog food can bring about food allergies

Busted! It’s true that some dogs can be allergic to protein but not all types of protein. As a matter of fact grains (which are widely used in processed commercial dog food) can be an even bigger source of food allergies for dogs. If you’re worried about food allergies from the proteins when you put your dog on a raw food diet, you can deal with it easily. Just introduce one type of meat at a time to rule out any allergies, if you find that your dog is allergic to a certain meat then just avoid giving it that.

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