How Much Would Two (2) Weeks Of Medifast Meals And Food Cost?

I recently had someone ask me if it were possible to order only two weeks worth of medifast meals and food.  This question came up because the person in question really only wanted to lose 5 – 10 pounds.  She’d heard and read that it was possible to lose 10 pounds after a month on medifast.  So, she figured there was a good chance that she would only need two weeks worth of meals before she was able to reach this goal.  She wanted to know if the company allowed such a small order.  I will address these concerns in the following article.

Availability And Cost Of Medifast’s Two (2) Week Packages:  The company actually appears to have packages set up for similar situations.  They offer a 70 meal option (which should last for around 14 days) for the women’s and men’s basic, gluten free, and diabetes packages.  They offer a sampling of the most popular meals like: shakes (in the flavors of Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla and strawberry creme); bars (chocolate mint, oatmeal raisin, and peanut butter;) oatmeals (apple cinnamon and maple and brown sugar;) soups (like chicken noodle;) and puddings (like chocolate.) 

There’s no price difference between the men’s and women’s packages.  Both run $ 154.50. 

Other Than Less Food, What’s The Difference Between The 2 Week And Monthly Medifast Package?:  For comparison purposes, if you’re ordering a monthly package (which is the most common,) you’re given 143 meals for $ 299.50. So, you’re paying a little bit of a premium by ordering less food than what the monthly option offers.  Plus, you are given more flavor and meal choices on the monthly order.  For example, if you go with the four week bundle, you have the option of banana and orange creme shakes.  Plus, you get eggs on the menu and more bar choices.

Also, the best coupons are offered on the monthly packages.  Sometimes, they offer as much as over $ 50 off or 2 or more weeks of free food.  So, if you think there’s a chance that you might need more food, ordering a month is often going to be more cost effective than forgoing the best coupons and having to place more than one orders.

Also, they do sell their foods individually.  But, this is generally the most expensive way to place an order.  Still, if you’re just wanting to try out the foods before you place a larger order, this option does exist.

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