Bowl- Healthier food

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Bowl- Healthier food
healthy dieting
Image by Singing With Light
Better on B l a c k M a g i c
Todays challenge on was "Bowl"
Now I thought after my last couple of posts being A. not that Healthy and B, not good for those dieting I would go for something healthier today.

Well lets be honest I resorted to doing a shot in my lightbox as I didnt get a bowl shot when we went out today , but this is fruit from our fridge and a lot healthier than bacon and eggs.
I am sure if I had taken more time I could have got this a lot better but just got home a short while ago and the evening is ticking on so did this quickly

We went for a walk to our local Mall today to pick up a few things and then decided to go and catch a movie, we decided on seeing 2012 which i wont say antyhing about to for those that havent seen it but I thought it was a good movie well worth watching

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48 Responses to "Bowl- Healthier food"

  1. Dave DiCello says:

    This does look healthy, however that bacon bokeh looked much more delicious! Well captured here!!!

  2. colonial1637 (off & on) says:

    Lovely fruit bowl! The bananas are perfectly ripe and the photo is perfectly done! At least you didn’t hit us with a toilet bowl.

  3. abennett23 says:

    you had better eat those banana’s quickly, or either add some brown sugar, banana liquer, black rum and ice cream and make some banana’s foster!

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  4. emma lagunday says:

    A nice fruit bowl, banana seem to be less popular in your household.

  5. ...-Wink-... says:

    Well ripened Bananas, just the way I like them!!!

    Wonderful still-life JJ!

  6. pierale  says:

    wonderful ! it seems a painting…..
    enjoy your Sunday my friend

  7. Elena Kovalevich says:

    Looks great! Wonderful image!

  8. Glenn Waters ぐれんin Japan. says:

    A stunning still life capture.
    Have a nice day my friend.

  9. 1blessedmom Photography says:

    Great presentation of this healthy fruit. I hope you’re doing well, my friend!

  10. flickrfanmk2007 says:

    Great still life! Those bananas look nice and ripe!

  11. cheroberta123 says:

    This is wonderful.

  12. *Lynne says:

    Sorry JJ, too late to back-pedal now, that greasy
    sandwich can’t be cancelled out by fruit,LOL!
    Those bananas look like they’d make some
    mighty fine bread–mmmm!

  13. locadez says:

    The lightbox illuminated the bowl perfectly. This looks great and healthy.

  14. Mary StarMagic - says:

    nicely captured – but that bacon bokeh was much more appealing to me, hehe

  15. .I Travel East. says:

    I think this here, is – hands-down, the better choice, JJ. :)))

  16. Lee Alan says:

    Beautiful bowl JJ! Great image!

  17. Erin.M - Back online says:

    thank you JJ a true friend hehe hope Lulu didn’t mind you using her lovely looking bowl

  18. Lori-B. says:

    I like this light. What is a lightbox?

  19. Kathy Deur Photography says:

    This is a super still life, but to tell the truth I’d rather have the grease bun and bacon:) Life is short, live for the day!! Great shot my friend.

  20. simply~kari says:

    Very nice still life :o) I’ve never played with a light box… sounds like fun!

    The fam dragged me out to see New Moon tonight after work, I’m EXHAUSTED! lol. See you around tomorrow… after yet another 10 hour shift.

  21. Houry Photography -on/off says:

    Great shot, my kind of food!! Great lighting!!

  22. ipod_cafe09 says:

    nice pic..

  23. Yasin Hassan ياسين حسن says:

    Amazing Shot
    Well done



    Have a WONDERFUL time ahead, My Dear Friend.

    ALLAH IS ALWAYS ON OUR SIDE! الله سيكون معنا

  25. boffo1234567 says:

    Very nice capture. Perfect colors and tones.

  26. rangers681.1111 says:

    excellent shot, loving the black background

  27. Julia Goss Photography says:

    good lighting !

  28. Brenda Boisvert . says:

    Nice still life & healthy, JJ …. but the bacon beat out the fruit:-)

  29. gwburke2001 says:

    Healthy?? Yes……but after watching 2012, does it matter??

    Just kidding : ))

  30. Ali@flickr says:

    great lighting and compo JJ !

  31. MacroMarcie says:

    Beggin’ for banana bread!

  32. powerfocusfotografie says:

    Wonderful photography!! Nice composed and fantastic still life

  33. JonathanCohen says:

    Nice even lighting — but those bananas are ready to be consumed!

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  34. Habub3 says:

    Beautiful composition, great capture! Well done!

  35. Steve-h says:

    lovely still-life on black !

    btw, I thought you weren’t supposed to keep bananas in the fridge….

  36. the-father says:


    You are my winner!
    Please add this photo to
    Please award at least 2 other photos.

  37. Tipu Kibria~~BUSY~~ says:

    Stunning work !


    Hihi, yep, it’s time for some fruits now after al that grease!
    Nice capture!

  39. Fifi 1968 says:

    Yes, much healthier! Excellent still life study JJ, wonderful contrast and lighting. Happy healthy Sunday! 🙂

  40. Monty-e* says:

    Yep, definitely….healthier and nicely done.
    2012…haven’t seen it yet. Not scary??…

  41. Thelma Gatuzzo says:

    Now I am happier!!!! Health and delicious fruits! Nice composition!

  42. Raymond Larose -> says:

    Ha ha!!! I love it!

  43. Nathan Lanier says:

    great strobism!

  44. trykemom says:

    Thank you for thinking of those of us on special diets. I like the light on the bowl.

  45. Sony200boy says:

    It MAY be healthier than yesterday’s diet, JJ, but it looks as if the bananas ain’t the quickest things to be eaten in your household – ;))
    And WHAT did you have with 2012, I may ask – large, super-large, or belly-busting ginormous popcorn? I have to say, I will not be surprised if you get a visit from the food police one of these days. Oh – super shot, by the way … (I have no room to talk – had fish and chips yesterday …. but did have a bowl of grapes afterwards … and then a chocolate …. well, OK, two chocolates … well OK … Oh hell with it, we’re only here once ….)

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  46. Kiki FL says:

    Beautifully lit and much healthier than bacon and eggs…

  47. Joakim.Larsen says:

    Wondeful composition – and strong against that background.

  48. sambath.kumar says:

    healthy shot! well-executed!

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