Bowl- Healthier food

Bowl- Healthier food
healthy dieting
Image by Singing With Light
Better on B l a c k M a g i c
Todays challenge on was "Bowl"
Now I thought after my last couple of posts being A. not that Healthy and B, not good for those dieting I would go for something healthier today.

Well lets be honest I resorted to doing a shot in my lightbox as I didnt get a bowl shot when we went out today , but this is fruit from our fridge and a lot healthier than bacon and eggs.
I am sure if I had taken more time I could have got this a lot better but just got home a short while ago and the evening is ticking on so did this quickly

We went for a walk to our local Mall today to pick up a few things and then decided to go and catch a movie, we decided on seeing 2012 which i wont say antyhing about to for those that havent seen it but I thought it was a good movie well worth watching


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