Lose 20 Pounds in 4 Weeks – Tips to Lose 20 to 25 Lbs of Fat in 4 Weeks Or One Month Effortlessly

Losing 20 pounds in 4 weeks is not that difficult when you have so many options available. Your aim must not be merely losing the extra pounds but you have to take up safe & healthy means. You must not be concerned about just losing weight with any diet supplements. You must first try to know the actual reason of your weight gain and then work on it accordingly.

There are several chemical diet options that ensure losing 20 pounds in just 4 weeks. But these are quite hard to follow. Next they starve you without food. Especially the liquid diets are fad. They keep you away from the solid food and make you lose extra pounds by churning your muscles. So, the lost weight is sure to come back once you discontinue these diets.

Safe means to lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks – The combo of Acai Berries and Colon Cleansing

* Acai Berry Diet

Acai Berry Diet with its high fiber content helps you lose up to 20 pounds in just a few weeks’ time. This does not deprive you of any essential nutrients. Also you can have normal but balanced food along with it. This fruit from the Amazonian jungles has high nutritional value and does not have any side effects. Its high ORAC value helps you fight the free radicals that add to your weight loss. The taste of acai diet is also good unlike the other weight loss diets.

* Colon Cleansing Diets

It is another effective and safe means to lose extra pounds. Colon cleansing diets not only help you lose that extra fat but also detoxify your body. These help you remove all the harmful toxins and fecal matter from the bowel area giving you a flat belly and lessened thighs. Colon cleansing is beneficial in long run as it improvises your digestive system.

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