Best Way To Lose Weight Fast #2 Never Run Again?

Do you like running? Of course you dont running sucks, right? (Its cool you can tell me the truth.) I cant stand running, either. Now and then Ill go for a run, but theyre pretty few and far in between.

But isnt running like the best way to lose weight fast? Dont you need to run if you wanna have good cardio, have a healthy heart, burn calories, lose weight? I mean, isnt that what weve been told forever? And if youre not gonna run, then you have to do some sorta other cardio like the bike, rower, elliptical, or whatever?

Well, what if I told you that not only is running (or any other forms of traditional cardio) not the best way to lose weight fast, but in all honesty, you never had to run again?

Tis true.

So how do you do all these things get a lean physique, lose weight, have a healthy heart and lungs, and get a good cardio workout without running?

Thought youd never ask.

By doing circuit training, you can get all these things by building up work capacity. And whats work capacity?

Well, put simply, work capacity is kinda like your bodys gas tank. Its what determines:

-how much work you can do

-how hard and fast you can do it

-how quickly you recover

-and a bunch of other stuff

In other words, the more work capacity you have, the more, just like the name says, capacity to work you have.

But whats that got to do with having better cardio, being healthy, or losing weight?

Simple the more work you can do, the better shape you have to be in. I mean, think of it like this. Lets say you wanted to run a mile in 6 minutes. I mean, youd have to be in pretty good shape to be able to do that, right?

Well, instead of trying to be in good shape so that you could run that fast, when you train to run that fast, and you cant help but be in good shape.

See what I mean? Losing weight and being in good shape is a by-product that you *cant help* but accomplish! When you train to increase your work capacity, all these benefits were talking about ARE A GIVEN!!

Now, heres the thing when you do circuit training to increase your work capacity, you develop your work capacity in a bunch of different ways:

-you build better cardio from all the work you do

-you decrease bodyfat and lose weight fast because youre constantly moving

-you build strength and power when you use dumbbell exercises

-you get better at moving your own body around when you do bodyweight calisthenics

And thats just the tip of the iceberg!

See, everybody wants the best way to lose weight fast thats just natural. However, when you train to increase your work capacity, you not only lose weight fast, but youre healthier, have better cardio, are stronger and more muscularand a whole lot more.

And put simply, circuit training is simply the best way to increase your work capacity.

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