Is There a Way to Lose 10 Pounds Within 2 Weeks?

I’m not talking about a fad diet, but some true strategy that will yield rapid weight loss with lasting results? If you are like most of us, you are sick and tired of trying every new diet that comes along promising a fantastic, albeit unrealistic result. Hence the question above, can you really lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks?

The answer is yes, you can. Rapid weight loss is possible and can be maintained over the long term. Besides getting an adequate amount of exercise to help you burn as much fat as possible, there is one other thing you must do if you wish to get continuous and rapid fat loss results. Mix up what you are doing from day to day in both your diet and exercise routines.

Our bodies are simply programmed to maintain at whatever levels we are already functioning at, a process known as homeostasis.

Traditional diets and exercise programs are set up to give you a set number of calories in and then have you work out to burn a set level of calories every day. In the short term your body is not used to the change and you will lose weight fairly rapidly, but only for a short few weeks. Your results begin to decline at that point.

What can you do to improve your results, especially if you tend to lose weight slowly in the first place? Select a diet plan that focuses on solid nutrition and incorporates calorie shifting. Calorie shifting helps your body to not hit a homeostatic cycle where your weight loss slows down over time, so rapid weight loss is maintained over longer periods of time. By mixing up your workout routines in a similar way with varied routines, you will see quicker results over more prolonged periods of time.

Can you lose 10 pounds within 2 weeks? It depends on your body and how much weight you have to lose. I was able to buy using calorie shifting and varying my workouts from day to day.

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