Dinner: July 5

Dinner: July 5
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Ok, I might have just fallen into a famous meatball recipe. My roommate Tyson, a former chef, suggested I patent this ASAP before Trader Joe’s gets the idea.

This entire dish is inspired by a conversation I had with Nissa, a customer at Slow Club this afternoon who was celebrating her birthday. She and her fellow diner talked to me for a bit about their gluten free diets, and I decided to try it out in my dinner tonight.
So, this entire dinner is gluten free.

I used the leftovers from the Tuscan Turkey Burgers last night, with some additions…

TurMochi Meatballs with Pasta!

1 more egg
1 bag Kettle Potato Chips, lightly salted
Secret Ingredient: Mochi Flour

I heated up a sauce pan with some hot olive oil and seared the little meatballs.
Took out the meatballs, cooked up some garlic and onions. Added the Garlic Roasted Garlic Tomato Sauce I bought at Bi-Rite, along with a bay leaf, basil, fresh parsley, a generous pinch of chile flake, and salt/pepper.

Meanwhile, I cooked up some gluten-free pasta. It’s made out of potato, soy and rice flour. Definitely not pasta, but a fine substitute.

I finished the plate with some parmesan cheese.

Simple Salad-
Butter lettuce
yellow peppers
cherry tomatoes
dressing: olive oil and balsamic

I had soooo much left over. Expect to see these meatballs for the next few days!

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