You Can Lose Weight Without Dieting

Everyone I know who has tried to lose weight, some of us for years and what almost seems like it has become our life’s mission, looks for that special tip, secret or diet that will finally do what’s promised. But not anymore because I found out how to lose weight without dieting. Really, I’m serious. And maybe that’s been part of the problem all along… diets.

Think about when we were kids and were healthy or when we were young adults and lived normally. I say normally because it’s not normal to constantly think about what to eat, how to lose some weight, is this going to make me fatter, feel better or worse and on and on and on. To losing the weight without dieting is not difficult and it’s actually pretty easy. I’ll take that back… it’s really easy. My girlfriend told me about something her sister did to lose weight without dieting and I was skeptical but so darn curious I just had to check it out. I mean, why not? I’ve spent a good portion of my life checking out diets and ways to lose those pounds yet still my dress size didn’t go down and I continued to struggle like all my friends. Not any more sister… not any more.

The BIG secret I learned had nothing to do with what to eat, how much to eat and all the things that drives us crazy about losing weight and diets. First Diane, that’s my friend, told me to think back when we were younger. Food and eating wasn’t a big focus in our lives. We ate when we were hungry or when mom told us it was time to eat and the rest of the time we played, went to school and simply lived our lives. Think about it for a moment. She said she had learned that to lose weight without dieting she had to change her mindset and not be thinking about food and her weight all the time. “Easier said than done,” I said. “How am I going to not think about my butt every time I got dressed or looked in a mirror and stop thinking about what to eat to get back my shape?” That’s when she gave me the gift that has helped me like I know it can help anyone else. And once I did it I was amazed at how my attitude changed, the way I thought about my day, myself and how and what to eat. And the best part is I now lose weight without dieting.

No magic, no pills, no struggle. All I can say is Thank Goodness… and Diane for sharing this with me. And now I’m sharing it with you. I hope you at least give yourself the opportunity to look at this and lose weight without diet once and for all. We weren’t born to diet. We were born to live healthy and be happy.

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