Does Diet Soda Help You Lose Weight

A soda drink can never help you lose weight even if it is diet soda. In fact, a soda drink is now a drink of past generations, and certainly not of the future ones. Many people believe that this soda is a safer version as it also helps you lose weight, but in reality, it interferes with your weight loss plans. I have recently gone through a scientific study that claims that diet soda promotes weight gain. And, people having this soda are likely to gain more weight than regular soda drinkers. Hey, soda lovers! Do you find this revelation a bit shocking? Read on.

Diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners, which must be completely avoided. Do you know many of these artificial sweeteners are used to destroy lab animals so that their body count ratio can be made safe for human consumption? People having artificial sweeteners often complain of craving more for carbohydrate-rich foods. As a result, they end up putting on more weight. You may think that by having a soda drink, you have actually consumed zero calories. Unfortunately, that’s not true! Many scientific studies indicate that people having soda are likely to eat more food due to their subconscious belief that they saved on calories after drinking a diet drink.

So, next time you want to order for a diet soda, order for pure water instead. In case, you dislike the taste of plain water, you can ask for a lemon drink without soda. In fact, with regular consumption of lemon water, you can safely lose as much as 20 pounds of water weight within few weeks. You can lose more weight if you start exercising or walking for half an hour daily. So, drink a glass of freshly squeezed lemon water daily to lose weight and promote colon cleansing.

Another tasty alternative to this soda is green tea, which has strong antioxidant properties. You can even enjoy combos of green, black, red, and white teas as a safe alternate to soda. But, any drink you chose, avoid using artificial sweeteners as they may hamper your weight loss plans.

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