Medifast Diet Information – How to Get Thin, Fit and Fabulous in 6 Weeks Or Less (Good For Moms!)

Can you really lose weight, feel great and get healthy in the span of a month or two? Can you reverse years of over eating, indulgence and shameful “size self esteem” in the span of 6 weeks or less? In this article, we are going to take a quick and insightful look at the Medfifast diet, and see if you can in fact change your life in radical ways, starting right now… and see REAL results super fast if you’re ready. Want to know more? Great… continue reading on as we take a look below!

Okay… but can you summarize the Medfiast Diet for me before we start? What is it really, anyway?

In a sentence or two? Medifast is a low carb, low calorie, high protein diet that is comprised primarily of meal replacement foods.

How many calories? Will I eat more than once or twice per day?

About 1000 calories or so for men, and a little bit less per day for women, on average. Yes, you will eat more than once or twice per day! To be honest, you are going to eat 6 times per day – 5 meal replacement meals and 1 self prepared selection of lean protein and all the green veggies you can eat. ( usually dinner, and can be any 6 ounce size selection of protein you choose, in combination with any local produce you pick)

I have OVER 30 pounds to lose! Is this diet a good choice for me?

Actually, yes it is. In clinical studies, most notably Johns Hopkins University, the AVERAGE weight loss for men and women alike who followed Medifast closely was over 50 pounds. If you have 30 pounds to lose, and started RIGHT now, if you stick to statistical averages you can lose the weight you need by the middle of next month! (and still be turning heads on the beach in August as I’m writing this on July 1!)

Is Medifast and Meal Replacement Right for You?

Only you can decide the best approach for your body, needs and goals.  But any diet that is super low in calories, has a proven track record of success and is constantly improving, evolving and striving to support it’s members is a good choice.  (the key is…..just get started today!)

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