The Day Off Diet Review – Lose Weight Fast!


We all know that one of the primary reasons diets fail is because there is no room for indulgence. Our cravings build up to peak levels and at some point, we explode and devour every morsel and crumb in sight. Well, a new diet has a solution for all of you diet crashers. Appropriately named “The Day Off Diet,” this program includes one day each week where you eat your cheesy pizza, your gooey chocolate chip cookies or your creamy hot fudge sundae and still lose weight.

The program promises to have you losing weight while not going hungry. It accomplishes this by a specific color-coded system which gives you the go or no-go on certain foods. Its green light, red light or yellow light system allows you to know exactly which foods you can eat and which foods you need to avoid in order to Lose Weight Fast.

The Day Off Diet program comes in a downloadable weight loss program that you purchase online. As a member, you also get access to The Day Off Diet website.


Can reduce cravings and diet deprivation feelings
Room for indulgence is a practical and healthy way of eating


One day off might allow too much bingeing for some
If binges are extreme, regular metabolism can be interrupted
Not a customized plan
Exercise is encouraged but not a key ingredient of The Day Off Diet plan


The basis of The Day Off Diet is how you eat, what you eat and when you eat. All foods are categorized using the green light, red light or yellow light system. You will see which color each food is assigned once you purchase and download The Day Off Diet plan. All green light foods, which are your fruits and veggies, can be consumed until you feel satisfied. All yellow light foods are eaten in specific quantities and on certain days. All red light foods are those foods that you save for your day off. During the other six days, you are to follow a specific diet that is intended to turbo charge your fat loss.


Exercise is recommended, but not mandated, on The Day Off Diet program.


The Day Off Diet is a program that adds one day of indulgence each week. Since many diets’ long-term success fails because of its 365 days out-of-the-year strict adherence policy, The Day Off Diet seeks to avoid the diet-deprivation mentality that eventually gets the best of even the most controlled dieters.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have much control when it comes to food, caution is advised as day-off binges might allow for too much indulgence. If you’re someone who can have a slice or two of pizza and feel satisfied, then The Day Off Diet might be a practical and humane way to Lose Weight Fast


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