Can You Lose Weight Fast and Gain in Confidence?

If you’re carrying a few extra pounds then it’s also possible that you aren’t totally happy with your life. Being just a little overweight can make us all miserable and, to be frank, the heavier you are sometimes the more unhappy you can be. People have this perception that fat people are jolly and fun – but, often this isn’t the case. For some people, being overweight simply leaves them feeling depressed and unhappy.

We don’t generally put on weight overnight. In most cases the pounds will pile on slowly but surely over time, and the problem that people can experience here is that their self-confidence starts to disappear almost incrementally for every pound that they gain. In spite of what some people may say, nobody really likes to be overweight and, more often than not, we can view ourselves as failures for getting this way in the first place.

And often our confidence takes such a hit that we start to believe that we are unattractive to others. People will often simply give up dating, for example, or if they already have a partner may experience difficulties in their relationship because their self esteem is taking such a battering.

The problem for many of us, if this does happen, and I include myself here too, is that being unhappy is not conducive to helping us lose weight in the first place. If our self esteem is low then we may simply believe that we cannot lose weight so we convince ourselves that there’s no point even trying. And, as strange as it may sound, if we feel unattractive to the opposite sex then it’s even harder to get motivated to start a diet out. It can be more common for us to simply hide away at home…and to comfort eat instead.

This is a real Catch 22 situation. The more we weigh, the worse we feel and the less likely we are to take action. But, we tell ourselves, if we do try to do something about it then we would feel better. The problem is that when we do do something to try and lose weight we are easily discouraged because we lack that essential self confidence and often slip back into our old eating habits. And at this point, we’ll feel even worse about ourselves than we did in the first place.

I guess what we really need is a solution that allows us overcome the self-esteem questions and lose weight fast and consistently. If you can achieve this kind of goal then your self confidence will grow for every pound you lose and you won’t suffer from the traditional setbacks that many diets bring with them. I guess what we really need to make this easy for ourselves is a diet that will see us start to lose weight fast and that will then show us steady progress, making it easier to stick with the diet over time.

And with time will come success in the weight loss and success in our self confidence.

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