3 Tips to Lose Weight Fast and Eat a Healthier Diet

Eating a healthy diet should always be your top priority if you really want to lose weight. Yes, exercise is important and should not be overlooked, but for lifelong weight management diet comes out on top. My hope is that this article will give you some effective, yet simple ways to help you make healthy choices in your daily eating habits.

1. Believe it or not it is important to eat some healthy fats in the majority of your meals. If you want to maintain proper muscle building hormone levels and fat burning in your body, eating sufficient healthy fats is vital. Healthy fats not only assist in burning fat and building muscle, but also helps with appetite control which is also very important when trying to lose weight.

There are many sources of dietary fats, but the healthiest of them all are in oils such as extra virgin olive oil (contains the highest antioxidant level of all olive oils) and coconut oil (medium chain triglycerides), raw nuts and seeds, avocados, egg yolks (should be free range organic), and grass-fed meats (the conjugated linoleic acid can help build muscle and burn fat).

Test this tip by eating about a handful of raw nuts about 30 minutes before you eat. Almonds, pecans, walnuts are healthy choices for this tip. This can help satisfy your appetite and also give your body some of that healthy fat we have been talking about along with some fiber and protein. As a result, you can intake less calories at meal time and still get more nutrition at the same time because of the high nutrient density of the the nuts.

2. Eat high quality protein with every snack and meal that you eat. This can come from grass-fed meats and raw dairy or it can come from nuts and beans which provide an excellent appetite suppressant so you can stay on top of your calorie intake.

If you are working out regularly, you need enough quality proteins to help you build lean muscle so your metabolism can run at a higher rate.

Another fact that many people don’t realize is that protein helps your body control blood sugar and insulin levels. It does this by slowing the breakdown of carbohydrates that you ingested. Be sure to have a protein source with meals.

3. There is a lot of controversy over extreme low-carb diets, but in my opinion eating excessive processed carbohydrates is one of the main reasons that so many people struggle to lose weight all their lives. Avoid refined sugars and grain-based starches.

Whole fruits and berries contain natural sugars that are okay to consume and the fiber in the fruit actually helps your body slow the blood sugar response. Fruit juices, however, are mostly sugar and don’t have any fiber left because of processing the fruit.

From my research, when people cut down on their grain intake from breads, pasta, cereals, etc, they lose body fat much quicker. What I recommend is to consume your carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables and minimize eating grains. This simple step will usually help you more easily manage your weight.

Follow these simple healthy steps and I am sure you will start to have more energy and see the leaner body you are after.

I hope this article inspired you to start enjoying better health by eating better!

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