Fat Freak-out: Can Eating Butter and Avocados Ruin My Diet Plans to Lose Weight?

It is no secret that our society shuns fat in any and all diet plans to lose weight. The low-fat craze took us all by storm in the 80’s and 90’s and is still holding strong in some dieters’ minds. This is why healthy fats, like those found in avocado, are sometimes put on the “do not eat” list by default.

However, truth be told, the overwhelming misunderstanding about fat is staggering and needs to be explained. If your goal is to lose weight, then discovering what is healthy fat and unhealthy fat will be a key component to those efforts. The common question is this, “why would you want to consume fat if you are trying to shed it?” The good news for you is that in order for your body to function properly and to metabolize calories correctly, you must consume certain fats.

Are Fat Calories Good or Bad: What Fat Calories Should Be on your Grocery List?

Fat calories can be good and bad, you just have to be able to identify the difference. First, you need to avoid bad fat calories – those that can add to high cholesterol, heart disease, and obesity – which are typically found in partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated oil. These oils are found in a wide range of processed and packaged foods, from cookies to pretzels to microwave popcorn, so you need to become a diligent label reader to identify which foods have these bad fat calories and which don’t.

So what fat calories should you eat? Well, avocados should top that list. In addition, you should load up on organic eggs, nuts, and nut butters. For cooking you should avoid margarine and shortening, and instead use coconut oil, raw organic butter, or olive oil. Having some flaxseed oil on hand is a good idea as well since it is chock-full of healthy fat and has an excellent nutty flavor, which is great for drizzling over salads. It is recommended that you consume two to three servings of healthy Omega-3 fat sources daily, so don’t shy away from adding a little fat to your diet – your waistline will thank you for it!

Super Shocker: Butter is a Healthy Fat Choice in a Diet Plan for Weight Loss!

I mentioned before that you should cook with butter – I don’t know if your jaw dropped or not, but I find that people are stunned to hear the butter can be one of the healthiest whole foods you can include in your diet plan for weight loss! Now, before you rush off to chomp away on a stick of butter, be aware that I am talking about raw, organic butter and not chemical-laden imposters. It is no secret that butter contains saturated fat, but contrary to what you may have been told, saturated fat isn’t to blame for weight gain or disease – trans fats, sugar, and processed grains are. Butter is very high in lauric acid, which the body effectively uses for energy.

If you have a hard time getting healthy fat into your diet, then you should consider taking an Omega-3 supplement. No matter which way you slice it, getting enough fat in your diet is not only acceptable but it is beneficial to a diet geared for optimum weight loss. So if you love the way that certain foods like avocado and nut butters can keep you fuller longer, don’t freak out about the fat content; instead, savor and enjoy your healthy choices!

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