Need to Lose Weight Fast? Grazing Revealed


That’s the secret. And to lose weight fast you will need to use it. This may shock you, but Dieting is the opposite of what you should do. Dieting is built on the concept of cutting calories. Simply limiting the amount of food you eat.

The food that gets eliminated tends to be dietary fat. At least, that was the case with more traditional diets. However, newer diets tend to focus on eliminating carbohydrates.

It really makes no difference whether or not you eliminate fat or carbs from you diet… the result is a reduction in calories. Once again, simply eating less.

If it were true. I simply eating less food would make you lose weight, then why do many overweight people eat almost nothing… and keep gaining weight?

And why do so many people who diet end up fatter than before they began?

When you diet your body will go into survival mode and begin to store elevated levels of the food you eat. Your body is basically saying… “hey, I’m not getting enough food here so it’s time to store.” Net result: You begin to retain increased amounts of body fat.

If you need to lose weight fast, then eat more. And grazing is the secret to eating more. Grazing simply means eating every two hours throughout the day. By the time your day is through, you may have eating six or seven meals.

And that’s the key to igniting your metabolism and burning more fat.

Just remember to keep the meals you eat small.

This means that you should not be “stuffed” after you eat. You should simply be satisfied.

Why is this so effective?

Several reasons, the primary being – if your body knows it’s going to have plenty of food it has no reason to store fat for future energy.

Another reason is – your metabolism is kept in a constant “fuel burning mode” which means you will burn more fat.

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