How Can I Lose Weight? Diet Plan doesn’t seem to work

he real problem with most so so-called “lose weight diet plans” is that nearly none of them are actually sustainable.  They impose unreasonable restrictions, suggest menu items that no reasonable individual would consider a satisfying meal, and frequently eliminate complete nutritional groups.

If you find yourself in that perpetually frustrated group you will really appreciate a healthier, more realistic way to eat and still lose weight.

First Step of a Real Lose Weight Diet Plan: Get Rid of the Junk
When we talk about junk we aren’t just talking about the stuff you know you shouldn’t be eating, such as chips, cookies or ice cream.  We are speaking about all the food in your home that is processed, refined and diluted. 

This would include things such as sugars, white flour, pasta made from white flour, corn syrup, milk, processed cheese spread, soup mixes, etc.  A good rule of thumb–if you can’t understand every ingredient on a box or can, and it isn’t made of whole ingredients, work on getting rid of it.

Second–Make a Plan
It takes some work to transition from both the diet mentality and into eating only real food.  While to some degree the process occurs simultaneously, weight loss should not be your primary goal at any stage in the game; health should be.  Weight loss is almost inevitable when you eat right and keep your portions reasonable.

Your plan needs to determine the ways you will get healthy foods into your home, one at a time if necessary, and how you will change what you eat to accommodate this new eating pattern.

Third: Begin the Weight Loss Process
Even if you only make one change at first for your weight loss diet plan, go ahead and start.  For example, determine that each morning you will either eat oatmeal with eggs, a sprouted tortilla with scrambled organic eggs or whatever other type of healthy breakfast suits you.  Not only will you feel healthy and full, you will set up the rest of the day for improved results.

Forth: Expand on the Possibilities
Now that you have taken the first change, others will come more naturally.  Learn what type of metabolism you possess.  That will help you determine if you need to eat more protein, more complex carbohydrates and how to get them. 

Educate yourself on how the body takes nutrition and uses it for energy, building muscles, bones and cells.  Learn which oils to use and when.  Come to an understanding that not all fats are the same, and that some are not only essential  to a lose weight diet plan, they are healthy too. 

As all these pieces fall in to place, you will begin to see changes not just in your weight, but also in how you feel.

Weight Loss Will Follow
If you adhere to this healthier way of eating, you will lose weight.  Even with the green light to eat as much of the right foods as he wanted to, a friend of mine couldn’t gain weight no matter how hard he tried.

Your body will relearn how to digest for maximum efficiency.  It will learn to burn fat for energy, rather than converting sugars into fat.  In fact, with little sugar in your diet, the option to store it is decreased.  It is inevitable that you will lose weight; diet plan be danged.

In the end, it is a determination to change how you eat and what you eat that will lead to a real lose weight diet plan that is sustainable and effective.

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