What Do You Mean Fat is an Essential Part of Diet Plans to Lose Weight?

Most people know that fruits and vegetables are an essential part of diet plans to lose weight.  The protein from meat and fish is also essential.  But did you know that fat is also an important and vital part of your healthy weight loss goals?

Fat?  Isn’t eating fat the reason that people are fat?

No, it isn’t.

Then isn’t fat the reason that so many people have heart disease, high cholesterol, and other health problems.

No, it isn’t . . . or rather, not if you eat the right kinds of fats.

The truth is that you need a healthy amount of fat in your regular diet in order to be healthy and lose weight.  But before you can, it is essential you realize one thing:
Fat is Not the Problem

Fat is an important part of everyone’s diet.  It is essential to the way your body works.  Yes, that’s right!  Not eating the right fat can actually affect your body’s normal functions.

Your body requires fat in order for your hormones and digestion to function properly.  In addition, fat also helps your heart and brain to work correctly. 

It’s true–the right fats can help your heart!

Fats can also help to reduce inflammation and pain.  So, if you have different types of pains–back pain, arthritis, etc.–you may just need some more fat in your diet. 

Last, but not least, the right types of fats can actually help your body to burn fat! 

Now, before you do a dance and break out the chips, fries, and high-fat processed cookies, you should know that not all fats are good for you.  There are some you should eat on a daily basis and others you should stay away from at all costs. 

Real Diet Plans to Lose Weight Include these Fats

There are plenty of fats you should be eating in your diet everyday.  Basically, all natural fats are fair game, including butter.  However, some of the main fats you need to be sure you are getting every day are the Omega 3 fatty acids. 

Omega 3 fats have a long laundry list of health benefits.  They can help your heart and cardiovascular system, can help to reduce your pain due to inflammatory responses, and can help to regulate your mood. 

But one of the most exciting things it can do is to help you burn fat.  But Omega 3s aren’t the only fats you should be eating.  Olive oil, coconut oil, and butter are all healthy and good for you to have everyday. 

Yes, coconut oil and butter are saturated fats, but saturated fats aren’t necessarily bad for you.  In fact, they may have been falsely accused of causing heart disease all these years.

So where can you find all these wonderful fats? 

Omega 3s can be found in salmon, nuts, sardines, anchovies, and organic eggs.  100% organic extra virgin olive oil and organic raw coconut oil can be found at a grocery store, online, or at specialty shops.  So can organic, grass fed butter.

Fats to Stay Away from At All Costs

While there are plenty of fats you can eat, there are also plenty you should stay away from.  The problem is some of these fats disguise themselves as healthy.

For instance, you probably know that you should stay away from hydrogenated fats and transfats.  However, did you know that processed fats and many cooking oils are also a no-no?

Margarine, canola oil . . .  these fats are horrible for your health.  Yes, canola oil is on this list . . . as is many other cooking oils.  Use butter, coconut oil, or olive oil for cooking instead.

There are plenty of diet plans available to help you lose weight, but be sure to choose one that includes a healthy amount of fat for weight loss.  Fats are an essential and tasty part of your diet plans to lose weight.  Don’t be caught without them.

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