52.5 – February 10, 2013

52.5 – February 10, 2013
dieting plans for teens
Image by meg’s my name
Funny how right before you decide to do something different to your hair you start having excellent hair days. I learned in the last couple of weeks if I pin up my roots, use one of my 2 conditioners and let my hair completely air dry, I get kick ass curls and I am digging the way my red is coming back out. Oh well, change is fun and good so I’m still scheduling a color change this week.

An okay week. Lots of working and hanging with the in-laws. They did some fixing up around the house and were pleasant to hang with in the evenings. Workouts were exceptionally hard this week because my hip is acting up and I didn’t eat well before one so I felt like total shit throughout the entire session. Next time, eat! I did pretty well on the slow carb diet, but cheated with some cheese and chocolate a couple times and a bad dinner on Friday night. Yesterday was cheat day and this morning I’m back on plan and feeling good about it.

Yoga classes have not started yet because the place I bought a Groupon deal to was AWFUL. I won’t go into details, but I need to feel calm and welcomed when I go into yoga and this place gave me neither. So I’m checking out other places now.

I found the organization I’m going to volunteer for and am really looking forward to getting started. Orientation is early March so I’ll send in my application and wait to hear back on my background check in the meantime. It’s a children’s shelter that does a lot for the kiddos (I think mostly teens) and has a lot that fits what I think I’d be great at doing. I can work directly or indirectly with the kids and I’m hoping to do both.

I made this scarf a year ago and just blocked it about 3-4 weeks ago. I wish I had earlier because I LOVE IT! It’s really a wrap (Mara) but I like to wear it all bunched up or the edging looks like ruffles and I don’t dig the ruffles. Plus I’m not really into the triangular look, so this one kicks ass for warmth and comfort when it’s all bunched around the neck. I love it so much I bought yarn to make a new one and got FIVE out of seven of my knitters to start a knit-a-long with me on it. Mad Tosh DK is so freaking great to knit with.

I’m continuing to try and improve and figure my shit out. I feel better about so much this week knowing I have direction in a few areas.

Lippie is NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in Mexican Rose. I didn’t mean to buy it, but a gal at Nordstrom had it on yesterday and then they put some on me and it blew my mind. Starts off lighter and gets darker over time and lasts forever, feels great. I love it.


  • (afm)

    Sounds like a good week for progress! One step at a time. Or as Bill Murray said in What About Bob "Baby steps." I love that movie.

    Also, you look gorgeous as usual! That blue is beautiful.

  • meg's my name

    [http://www.flickr.com/photos/ircam] ack! that’s such a great movie. 🙂 and thank you. i really love this color and it’s not a "usual" choice for me.

  • leedav

    You look amazing.

  • mikomiao

    i’m glad to hear your week went well. i love that scarf against the coat and the lippie looks fantastic on you.

  • mintyfreshflavor

    Your curls are the kind that make me jealous of curly hair. And really sounds like a great, refocusing week.

  • bookgrl

    Your hair looks fabulous.

  • alaskaval

    isn’t curly hair funny that way? mine is so finicky and will look awesome one day and meh the next.
    sounds like a pretty good week, friend. i’m glad for you!

  • m_soto

    Damn, Meg, your hair looks GORGEOUS! So I might be a weirdo for this, but when I saw Mexican Rose while checking out those NARS lip thingies recently I totally thought of you. It looks fabulous on you!

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