How to Lose Weight Fast and Burn Stomach Fat

There are a number of theories on how to lose weight fast and also how to burn stomach fat, but one thing is sure: there is no magic pill. There is always a price to pay for chemical methods of weight loss, so the natural methods are the best.

What you must remember is that nature knows best, and that applies just as much to losing weight as it does to gaining weight and anything else natural. That means that by expending more energy than you consume in your diet then you have to lose weight.

Why is that? It’s not difficult, and learning how to lose weight fast is no more difficult than learning one simple equation. Wherever you have a desire to lose fat: belly fat, fat in your arms or in your hips or thighs think of this:

Energy is contained within the food you eat – you are probably more aware of the term ‘calorie’ that is a unit of energy used to measure the amount of energy in the food you eat. There are plenty calorie charts to be found online these days, so you should be able to work out the energy content of any food that you eat.

There are also charts available that offer the approximate energy expenditure of common methods of exercise: walking, jogging, housework and so on, and you can probably see where this is going now. You can calculate whether you should be gaining or losing weight by determining the number of calories you expend in energy and comparing these with the number you eat in your diet.

In fact, you should be able to work out much exercise you have to do to lose weight fast and burn stomach fat enough to make you look slimmer. It is a simple equation based on energy in Vs. energy out. If your body takes in more energy (fuel) than you use then you should gain weight, and if it expends more you should lose weight.

If you want to know how to lose weigh fast, balance the equation well on one side so that you use up many more calories than you are eating each day. You can also use the equation to target weight loss in specific areas of your body by focusing your exercise on these areas.

If you need to lose some belly fat, for example, then make sure you eat less energy than you are using and the focus exercising on your stomach muscles. What that achieves is that the fat round your stomach will be converted to glucose and so the volume of fat in that area of your body will be reduced.

When you exercise more than you eat what happens is that your body looks for a source of glucose. Energy is generated in your body using a process referred to as cellular respiration that involves glucose and oxygen. The glucose is readily available, because the carbohydrates in your diet are converted to sugars and then glucose, and the glucose is then used in the mitochondria to generate energy. These are regions inside every cell of your body that generate the energy needed by the cells nearby, just like small batteries.

If your blood runs out of sugar your biochemistry will look around for carbohydrates to convert into glucose, and the most convenient source your body fat. Your body will convert your body fat to glucose and then use that glucose to generate more power. That is how to lose weight fast.

You should use up the protein in your muscles if you have no body fat left: part of that protein can be metabolized to carbohydrate and glucose, which is the reason for many appearing very thin after a long period without food. The energy needed for their metabolism (the breathing, heartbeat, digestion, etc.) is taken from the muscle tissue, and once there is none of that left then there will be no fuel for their heartbeat with the logical outcome.

However, you can use that to your advantage, and eat just a little less than you require for your daily needs, and you will lose body fat. Once you have reached your desired weight you can either cut back on your exercise or start to eat more in order to fine tune the balance between energy in and energy out.

That’s how to calculate how to lose weight fast and burn stomach fat by balance diet with exercise and focusing that exercise on your stomach. It is a simple equation and it works

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