Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight Fast

1. Reduce the medicines that can contribute to water retention in your body. You will need to vary your intake of medicine, but before you do it you need to go and visit your physician and ask if this option will be healthy.

2. You need to drink more water each day. Many at times you may imagine that you are hungry but your body is just thirsty. If you drink plenty of water, it can also take your hunger away. Therefore it holds you from eating adequate food and you can lose fat not only in your whole body but also in your face. Taking plenty water will not only aid you reduce fat in your body but it will keep it from bloating where your cheeks become puffy. This is the body’s reaction to water loss. In order to avoid this, try to drink eight glasses of water each day.

3. Instead of drinking alcohol drink milk instead. Surplus alcohol consumption can create more calories in your body, while drinking non-fat milk each day will aid you to lose fat in your body including your face. 

4. You have to reduce your salt intake. Salt makes puffing or water retention so it’s best for you to cut back on salt. Keep off from salt particularly those crispy and oily chips. It’s hard to lose fat effectively in your body if you love to eat solid nut. 5. 6. Use the right colors of foundation to brush your face. This will only be best for women particularly if they apply facial make-up thinking to have the chin and cheeks appear slimmer.

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