Ways to Lose Weight Reviewed

I recently watched a TV program on ‘Ways To Lose Weight’. It was on BBC2 and was presented by a Professor something or other.

The Professor was looking objectively at different ways to diet and lose weight. What I liked most about this woman, was the fact that she looked into the scientific evidence of every product that was tested.

If diet pills claimed to have certain effects on you, then the professor wanted to know what tests were behind it.

The amazing thing was that the majority of companies had made ‘wild’ claims that their products produced amazing results, but they had little if no evidence to back it up.

The final conclusion by the Professor on the ‘Best Way To Lose Weight’ was to eat less and exercise more (and this has been scientifically proven).

Now at this point, you’ll either start panicking about having to eat like a nat in order to lose any weight at all, or you’ll be thinking that this way of dieting just takes too long.

Well, after trying nearly every diet going on the planet, I must say that I’m inclined to agree with the Professor. A lot of the diets I have tried really do work (in the short term), and I have had some fantastic results over the years. Take the Cambridge Diet for example. The weight falls off you if you stick to it rigidly. Trouble is, as soon as you start to eat normally it all goes back on, and then some!

I think this is true of many diets, after all, your not changing your eating habits and re-educating yourself, you just go straight back to the lifestyle you had before.

Anyway, enough of the lecture. We all know what we ‘should’ do, but if you want a quick fix to all your weight problems, what are the best ways to lose weight and the most up to date products?

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