How to Jump Higher in Two Weeks

A lot of athletes wonder if there’s a method or way to jump higher in two weeks. Of course, this would be very beneficial to players of basketball or volleyball or especially for high jumpers. Higher jumps in basketball could mean more blocks, rebounds and dunks. Volleyball spikers also take an edge with higher jumps and the advantage will obviously be clear when literally doing a high jump. Fortunately, there are ways for players to add some inches to their jumps in just two weeks. In just two weeks? Yes, it is possible. With some certain guidelines, you can make a jump higher in just two weeks!

First, enhance your body flexibility. Most players who make the most powerful high jumps are the athletes whose bodies are totally flexible. For example, if a hurdle athlete will be able to swing his leading leg as high as he desires, this then maximizes his momentum of jumping. By putting a leg a bit higher than the other hurdler, the player has an advantage. It’s interesting to note that all high jumping athletes have 3:2 strength ratio among their quadriceps and hamstrings. You can enhance your flexibility by stretching regularly, focus more on your ankles, knees and hips. Do this and you’ll jump higher in two weeks and amaze yourself.

Second, get working on those abs. Strengthen your abs especially the inner. You don’t need to have a six-pack to jump higher, all you need is to strengthen it. Abs play a crucial role in every powerful jump. So, if you want to get higher jumps, crunch up.

Third, exercise and strengthen the muscles in your feet, especially the dorsi-flexors which decrease the angle between the leg and foot. These muscles are stabilizers so that when you jump, you are able to carry or pull your feet up. The best exercise for the dorsi-flexor is by walking around using the heels but not letting the balls of the feet touch the ground. Walk in this manner until you can feel that burning sensation, people will laugh at you – but make a note of them, and next time you see them on that basketball court – slam a dunk right in their face!

Lastly, exercise those cute toes. Ballet dancers are not the only people who should do this. For people who jump, this is an essential matter. This adds to the power in pushing your feet to the ground to give you that springing up movement. If we notice, these toes are the last to leave the ground when we jump. Thus, we need to strengthen these to enhance and add force to our jumping endeavor. The exercises for the toes include curling and uncurling them for many times (maybe when you are not doing anything), or pushing up onto the tip toes and holding them in the position up to ten seconds.

There are the simple steps. Now, if you have the will to do these, you will surely jump higher in two weeks and be the next sports icon in your team or even in your community.

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