The Truth Behind Breastfeeding

As a part of the campaign against obesity, the First Lady, Michelle Obama has been promoting breastfeeding, given that, the said practice could help to lessen the chance of obesity for both of the infant and the mother. However, the campaign faces criticisms and disagreements especially that there are various politicians that do not advocate the said drive.

Why such a fuss in breastfeeding? Some say that the reason for the disapproval is political, but some think that it is due to practical reasons. Yet, the outcry for breastfeeding practice is constantly a concern, not just these days but also even before. To make things clear, it is a must that before looking unto the opinions of the politicians, we must first see and hear the outlooks of men wearing cotton scrubs and nursing clogs on what breastfeeding may bring unto the health of the mother and child. We often heard rumours, but it is a need to try to have a glimpse of the fact that surrounds the issue of breastfeeding. Here are some of them.

Size of Breast

Any size of breast could breastfeed. Actually, size doesn’t matter when it comes to breastfeeding. And after the breastfeeding process, your breast will return to its actual size before you breastfed, though some women experienced to have breasts that seemed smaller than before. If you want assurance with regards to this matter, you may ask your doctor in cotton scrubs or nurses wearing nursing clogs.


It is recommended that for the first six months of the babies’ life, mothers should breastfeed them. This could be done up to two years of their age. Beyond two years of breastfeeding though not prohibited, is quite impractical, for at that age, the child must already have learned to eat solid food. I remember, that Ive read a case of a New Yorker mother who breastfed her child even at 3 years old, for, it was reported that she experienced sexual arousal while breastfeeding. The said mother lost the custody for her child in a year, since the authority feared that she may sexually abuse her child.

Benefits for the Infant

Several studies had been conducted to prove the benefits of breastfeeding. Its first and totally proven benefit is higher immune system that may prevent several illness and infections. Men and women in cotton scrubs and nursing clogs could attest to that. With regards to the notion that breastfed babies are more intelligent than those who don’t, there are actually varied data and results. Some studies assumed that it has no effect and some said that it has. Obesity also could be prevented due to breastfeeding since the milk of mothers has low fat compared to commercial milks and solid foods.

Benefits for the Mother

It is not only the child that may benefit from breastfeeding but also the mother. It is said that breastfeeding nurture the bonding between the mother and the child. According to some studies, it could also prevent breast cancer and ovarian cancer of mothers. It was also reported that breastfeeding may help to lessen obesity of mothers, though diverse results from researches seemed unclear.

Those who must not Breastfeed

Though, breastfeeding is highly recommended, there are some cases that it is not advisable. Mothers who are infected by HIV, has untreated tuberculosis and are taking certain drugs must not breastfeed their child, if, they want their children to live long and be healthy. This is to prevent infection of the infant through the milk of the mother.

Cultural Differences

Different cultures have different practices of breastfeeding and with different beliefs too. In the Western world extended breastfeeding is quite forbidden, thus resulting for some mothers to practice closet nursing. In Africa, it is natural for more than one woman to breastfeed a child. Muslim women could also practice shared breastfeeding, though it is their cultural custom to consider the child that they breastfeed as their own blood-child.

Breastfeeding is Personal

Breastfeeding your child will always be a personal choice. No one could manipulate you or oblige you to breastfeed or not, especially nowadays that working moms are quite common. And speaking of Obamas campaign, it is not imposing a mandatory action towards the mothers but is just giving a choice. Well, the choice is always yours as a mother.

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