Safe and Easy Diet Plan to Lose 20 Pounds

Are you looking for a safe and easy plan to lose 20 pounds? Before we go any further, I can’t promise you that you’ll lose 20 pounds in the next few weeks. Weight loss like that isn’t reasonable. But this is a plan to get you to consistently lose weight until you reach that goal. Also, it won’t take nearly as long as you may think.

So, if you’re looking to drop a bunch of weight, just finish reading this article.

Safe and Easy Diet Plan To Lose 20 Pounds

Protein with breakfast

You need protein to fill you up at breakfast and eggs are my number 1 recommendation. Or, for a change of pace, you can eat some rolled oats oatmeal with a scoop of protein powder added in. (Just don’t eat instant oatmeal)

Breakfast is without a doubt the most important meal of the entire day. If you want get your metabolism going so you can lose weight throughout the day, you need to start your day with a breakfast filled with protein. And never, ever skip breakfast.

Morning and afternoon snacks

Great snack ideas include an apple, protein shake, beef jerky, or string cheese. Apples are filled with fiber, and the other snacks are packed with protein. Protein will suppress your appetite and naturally boost your metabolism.

And if these snacks aren’t to your liking, choose your own. Just make sure they are high in either in protein or fiber.

Lunch & Dinner

Eat a homemade soup or vegetable salad before lunch and dinner. You want to do this because soup and salad will fill your stomach with very few calories. So, you’ll eat less at your meals and lower the overall amount of calories you eat.

For the actual meals, make sure to include a good source of protein like tuna, salmon, lean beef, turkey, chicken, and so on.

Include a couple side dishes of fresh vegetables and you’ll be all set.

Now, this is a great diet plan to lose 20 pounds. All you have to do is follow the instructions and you’ll be looking and feeling fitter and healthier before you know it.

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