Crash Dieting – The Quickest Way To Lose Weight

Crash dieting is the way to lose weight within shortest time. It is the best short term solution not an instant solution for obesity.  Followind this way is easy and effectiveness will figure out  in two weeks. If you wish to fit into your wedding gown once again,  choose and follow crash diet.


Start by consuming one to two thousand calories each day. Divide it into five servings of two hundred calories each. Drink sixty four ounces of water daily. Water clears the system of fat and toxins, promoting weight loss. Crash diets have low calorific value and are fortified with proteins, improving your immunity and metabolizing fat faster. They also have high proportion of amino acids which accelerate the fat burning process.

How to Follow Crash Diet


Though crash dieting works effectively, the food sometimes becomes too dull or drab to follow. The best way to deal with it is by adding a dash of sugar or cinnamon to your diet. You can even add fruit pieces with every morsel you eat. The sweetness of fruit suppresses the bland taste.


Crash diet works best when combined with meditation and vigorous exercise. This allows you to shed weight without thinking about body fat retention. Crash dieting does not require you to alter your lifestyle substantially. You can continue with your regular eating habits in a month.


Why Are Crash Diets Popular?


Hectic work schedule has made it difficult for people to indulge in aerobics and other weight loss exercises, shifting the focus to instant weight loss solutions such as crash diets. Crash dieting is healthier than harmful diet pills and other weight loss supplements, which cause severe side effects and weakness. Crash foods, when combined with meditation and long walks yield effective results. Have a disciplined approach for crash dieting and the results would definitely make heads turn and jaws drop.


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