The Common Myths About Fast Weight Loss

There are several myths around fast weight loss. These have been around for some time popularized by the media and weight watchers alike. Let’s look at some of the most common ones to see if there is any scientific truth behind them.

You Should Not Eat Any Carbohydrates After 6 pm: This is a common principle for many diets; in fact many diets rule out carbohydrates all together. But carbohydrates are essential to produce energy for the body and to help it go about its daily work and hence should form an essential part of anybody’s food plan. However, overloading on carbohydrates is a bad idea as is excluding them. If your activity level post 6 pm is expected to be minimal, it may be a good idea to eat minimal carbohydrates in your meal since those that are not metabolized may become stored as fat. Another way to interpret this rule will be to not eat anything heavy or calorie rich at least 3 hours before sleeping. So the ‘no carbohydrates after 6 o’ clock’ rule actually helps fast weight loss keeping in mind that the time is flexible depending on your sleeping patterns.

You Should Drink 6 -8 Glasses Of Water Per Day: Water is an excellent drink which has no calories and hence can be taken in unlimited amounts. But there is no formula as to how much is good or bad. More important water is found in a lot of drinks and fruits so does 6-8 glasses include that or not? The thumb rule should be to stay hydrated but since people never understand what that means especially in colder climes remembering 6-8 glasses is an easy rule. The idea is to drink every 2-3 hours as much as you need. Drinking water regularly gives a feeling of fullness and makes you eat fewer snacks. Water is also great for the skin and the internal body functions so load up as much as you can. In summary, this is a great rule for healthy weight loss.

Fats Are Bad For Your Health: Fats are an essential food group and should not be avoided at any cost. However too much of anything is bad and the same holds true for fats, proteins and carbohydrates. There are also good fats and the bad transfats found in processed foods which are a strict no-no if you want fast weight loss.

Potatoes Are Fattening: No food is good or bad; it’s the quantity that we eat them in or as in the case of potatoes, the common ways of eating them. Grilled and baked potatoes are a great source of nutrition. But fried potatoes, chips or mashed potatoes with dollops of butter have excessive amounts of both carbohydrates and fats and are therefore much maligned for causing weight gain.

Tea And Coffee Are Bad For Fast Weight Loss: Coffee and tea to some extent contain caffeine which actually helps speed up metabolism helping us burn more calories. So coffee and tea taken in limited quantities can be a great asset to a fast weight loss program.

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