Discover the Best Way to Lose Weight in a Week – 3 Top Tips to Shed Those Unwanted Pounds Fast!

Have you had enough of those unsightly bumps and excess pounds? So I guess you want to know the best way to lose weight in a week? Before I go any further I want dispel the myth of crash dieting. It doesn’t work pure and simple! Yes, you will lose weight, but your metabolism will eventually slow right down and stop burning fat. This will eventually take you back to where you started, or worse, even heavier!

When looking for the best way to lose weight quickly, unfortunately there are no miracle cures. It’s down to changing your diet, becoming more active and also changes to your lifestyle. I mentioned your metabolism earlier and this is the primary source of weight and fat loss. If you can keep your metabolism at a high rate, then you will continually be burning off excess fat.

So how do you raise your metabolic rate?

There are 3 things that you need to be doing:-

1) Eat small meals regularly – so rather than sticking to 3 meals a day, spread what you eat throughout the day. You should realistically try and eat every 2-3 hours. This will keep your metabolism guessing and kick it into high gear. This does not obviously mean you should be eating more, just stick to small meals and often.

2) Probably the best way to lose weight in a week will be short sharp bursts of cardio exercise. Rather than spending hours on end on a treadmill or exercise bike, keep your cardio exercise as short and intense as possible. You are looking for all out exertion for say 45 seconds to 2 minutes followed my rest and then repeat. This will depend on your fitness levels, but something most people can try is jumping up and down on the spot non-stop. Then rest one minute and repeat 4-8 times. That should take you no longer than 10-15 minutes and will have the same benefits as a half an hour jog!

3) You need to hit the weights. OK I don’t mean start training like a professional bodybuilder. However, resistance training is proven as one of the best ways to lose weight quickly. This will pump your metabolism up and you will actually continue burning fat for many hours after you have stopped exercising. For those of you who haven’t exercised for a while, this could involve the jumping exercise as above, but holding a full 2 litre bottle of water in each hand. For the more advanced of you, stick to multi-joint exercises, such as squats, lunges and deadlifts.

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