Cleanse To Lose Weight?

From TV ads that urge you to try this or that pill or capsule to achieve a leaner body to creams and lotions that work all the way through your skin and provide you with a flatter stomach and tighter thighs, losing weight has become one of the most important issues for thousands of women and men across the world. That, not to mention the different diets that are advertised on magazines, newspapers and websites.

Almost ten women out of ten have tried dieting supplements or plans at least once in their lives. Either because summer is coming and you feel like a white whale in your bikini or because you need to look absolutely gorgeous in that party dress, going on a diet seems the best solution to lose the unwanted extra pounds.

However, many a time women consider that they dont have enough time to go on a regular diet and lose the unwanted extra weight or just prefer something faster and, therefore, they turn to cleansing in order to look thinner and lighter.

What is cleansing? Well, one easy way to explain it is by saying that it is a process through which somebody tries to get his or her body rid of toxins and/or undesired accumulated stuff that makes him/her feel bloated, heavy or just uncomfortable. Cleansing, in itself, is not new; its been done for ages in religions such as Buddhism and Muslimism as a way to prepare the body to receive Gods teachings.

As a way to lose weight, cleansing usually includes following a liquid diet (i.e. drinking water, soups and fruit and vegetable juices in order to incorporate minerals and vitamins), and do not eating any solid food. As it can easily be appreciated, a cleansing diet can be quite hard to pursue. Spending a day only on liquids will not harm your organism, but it is crucial to bear in mind that it cannot be extended for more than one or two days. If you suffer from certain undergoing conditions such as low pressure, pregnancy or have to do some strenuous activities, you are strongly advised not to do it. Needless to say, its always advisable to ask a physician before choosing cleansing as a dieting way.

Its also worth considering that cleansing wont help you lose a lot of pounds; it will only help you lose some excess liquid and, as we have said, help you feel less bloated or heavy. This is usually forgotten by people who expect radical results in only 48 hours. Therefore, they add diuretics and laxatives to their already hard cleansing diet. Others extend their cleansing period for three or more days putting their lives seriously at risk.

But what are the risks of cleansing to lose weight? To begin with, depriving your body from solid food for more than 24 hours may make you feel dizzy and even faint. As you are constantly drinking water and you pee more often, you can easily get dehydrated as you lose salts and other important minerals your body needs. Whats more, your body may start losing proteins and minerals it needs to support your basic metabolism and your health, therefore, is seriously at risk.

There are definitely safer ways to lose weight: following a healthy daily diet, doing regular exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle will definitely prevent you from gaining excessive and unwanted weight. Talking to a professional nutritionist will also help you get a diet that is adjusted to your needs and health issues and that will give you the expected results in a safer way.

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